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Small Bathroom? Big Design Opportunities

In a small bathroom, a mirror isn’t just a focal point - it’s a design element that can shift the room’s entire perspective. Close spaces open up - and draw you in for a refreshing retreat - with the right mirror.

Try a large, frameless vanity mirror - or two side by side, if room allows - to give a small bathroom depth without the interruption of a bulky, closed-off frame. Or opt to hang a traditional full-length mirror lengthwise along a long, narrow wall to create an unbroken, reflective window. It’s an ideal orientation for a shared space, especially when softly highlighted by several lighting fixtures or sconces at eye-level on either side.

Make task mirrors a priority in small spaces, too. A shower is already taking up space; make it serve double duty by adding a wall-mount shower mirror for morning shaves. If you’ve got a full-length mirror in a dressing room or bedroom, try using just a few small mirrors in the bathroom - a wall-mounted magnifying makeup mirror and a framed round mirror, perhaps, for a look that’s space-saving, multitasking, and eclectic in one. Mirrors, after all, are all about visual appeal.