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What Satisfied Customers Are Saying

By wendy from Houston, TX on 8/27/2015
Wow gorgeous piece. I love it.
Hanging Jewelry Armoir!!
By Karen from Depew, NY on 8/25/2015
I looked at quite a few of these before I went ahead and ordered this one! I absolutely LoveLove Love it! I am so happy with my purchase! I did not have to wait very long at all for it and when I opened the package it was beautiful! Very nicely made! Not at all cheap! The lights inside make it look so pretty when it is opened! I also like the added locking feature! I definitely give this a five out of five stars and very happy with my purchase!!!
Elegant looking Mirrored Jewelry Armoire.
By Marcia from oNTARIO, ZZ on 8/25/2015
I was a bit concerned when I read all the comments about how hard this unit was to put together and the various problems about the construction. That said I do believe the earring wooden holder was not thought out very well, when *whomever* designed this part of the Armoire....( must have been a *man*!)because no woman would have made it like that at least one that had a collection of earrings. The side where the earrings holder is located, is a very large area that has very few drilled holes making it hard to hang the earrings. I think a small dermal drill might be answer to making more holes to fix the problem. As far as the over all construction goes other than the fact that the swivel base moves very quickly, making the mirrored armoire feel like it going to fall off the base , this unit over all seems pretty sturdy. When it comes to filling the armoire with jewelry, the little hooks are not capable of holding large chunky necklaces and it's obvious the little hooks are intended to hold more delicate necklaces. That said the door would never close if larger chunky necklaces were hung on these hooks. I love the ring holder section, as it holds so many... it's fabulous. Now lets talk about putting this unit together. I am no construction engineer but I didn't find putting this unit together all that difficult. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to say 6 in my estimation. If I were to give one small suggestion on putting the unit together, I would make sure you have a flashlight as you'll need this to see the Cam lock as you fit it with the Cam Post because it's difficult to see. You will be imbedding this hard wear into the wood of the unit securing the wood panels together and a flashlight will enable you to see this clearly. The unit is a bit expensive but over all I think it was worth it and I am happy I bought this.
Elegant and classy
By John from SanDiego, CA on 8/20/2015
I hardly ever write reviews but wanted to on this purchase as it exceeded my expectations. This watch box is well built and beautiful. It would look good in even the most elegant homes.
beautiful product
By Joanne from Duluth, MN on 8/14/2015
Excellent quality and arrived quickly. Great customer service.
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