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Vintage Audio

Jukeboxes: Combining Nostalgia with Technology

Are jukeboxes the wave of the future? Don't be surprised. The gleaming chrome, dazzling neon, and cheerful bubbles were hypnotizing, yes. But what made jukeboxes magic was the sharing. You could play your records at home, but it was more fun to plug in a quarter and play what you wanted other people to hear. Unlike snarling boomboxes, jukeboxes make sure everybody takes turns. They're social. Civilized. They bring us together. They're the anti-earbud.

Technology changed. We went from 78s to 45s to LPs to cassettes to CDs to MP3s all in one generation. Who knows what's next --brain implants? What hasn't changed is the fun of sharing music. That's why more and more people are taking off their headphones, signing out of Twitter, and turning back to the vintage jukeboxes that brought us all together.

Public Displays of Affection
Thanks to innovations by Wurlitzer, Rock-Ola, AMI, Seeburg, and Crosley, those old jukeboxes can now play any format. You still get the dazzling chrome and lights, the irresistible energy of the thing. While the classic jukebox still flips only 45s, others play anything from CDs to MP3s and still others let you plug your iPod right in front, where that quarter used to go. Where once you brought money to share music, now you can bring your music, all out of a single jukebox. What could be more social than that?

Spin the Black Circle
Try this: set a vintage record player in the middle of a party, load up that spindle changer with records, and watch everybody stop what they're doing and gather around. There's something magical about it, and geniuses like Crosley are making vintage-looking record players that play other formats, and even make backups of your vinyl to CD or computer. It's all of yesterday's fun with today's convenience: all that power still folds up like a suitcase, ready to be the hit of the next party.

Touch That Dial
Old vintage radios are unmistakably gorgeous. They were designed to be the center of entertainment. Since then, they've made radios smaller and smaller, until now they dangle from your ear. But what about beauty? didn't forget. We have a whole line of vintage radios with lovely analog knobs and glowing dials, but with advanced electronics inside that last longer and sound better. It's the future of yesterday.

It's all a matter of keeping the best part of every generation. As today's electronics are mixed with yesterday's style, don't be surprised to see jukeboxes become the wave of tomorrow.