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24 in. Genesee Wreath 24 in. Genesee Wreath
(2 review)
22 in. Apple Berry Wreath 22 in. Apple Berry Wreath
(2 review)
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24 in. Pumpkin & Gourd Wreath 24 in. Pumpkin & Gourd Wreath
(2 review)
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17 in. Morningstar Wreath 17 in. Morningstar Wreath
(2 review)
24 in. Hydrangea with White Roses Wreath 24 in. Hydrangea with White Roses Wreath
(3 review)
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5 ft. Oak Leaf Garland 5 ft. Oak Leaf Garland
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30 in. Woodland Harvest Wreath 30 in. Woodland Harvest Wreath
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What Satisfied Customers Are Saying

Just what I was looking for!
By Robert K from Cincinnati, OH on 9/16/2015
Ordered the wreath to display on a covered front porch. Very happy with it! The colors are rich and the pumpkins are very realistic. Leaves could be a bit fuller but with a little placement by hand it fills in nicely.
By Dorotha from OMAHA, NE on 8/31/2015
Beautiful wreath! Even prettier then the picture. It matches my porch furniture perfectly. I could not be happier!
Beautiful Garland
By Kathy from Skokie, IL on 8/22/2015
Perfect for my front door....good quality....very realistic..great price....I'm pleased!
More beautiful than the picture!
By Valerie from Chicago, IL on 7/26/2015
This wreath is very elegant and more beautiful than the picture. It is of excellent quality and worth the price.
A real masterpiece!!!
By George from Sharon, PA on 7/24/2015
We can't wait to put this up in the fall. The ornaments are so lifelike and it's light as a feather, albeit certainly doesn't look so.
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History of the Wreath

In ancient times, the wreath was commonly known as a diadem, from the Greek word diadema, meaning "a thing bound around." It can be created from many items, such as various leaves, flowers, and fabric. Styles can range from ornamental display to head wreaths like those worn by the Greek and Romans.

Types & Uses

There are many types of wreaths with a wide variety of uses. It can be constructed in many sizes from small head worn wreaths to large display wreaths, such as those given as prizes for winning events. In ancient times, head wreaths were primarily used to signify royalty, athletic ability, military, or social standing. These eventually evolved into the jeweled crown as worn by royalty. Today, they are typically used as decorations during holiday seasons as adornments to symbolize peace, happiness, and prosperity. They can also be used as table centerpieces, welcoming decorations, or decor enhancements.


Most anything can be used to create a wreath. Leaves, flexible branches, dried flowers, blooming flowers, fabric, herbs, vines, and more can be crafted into beautiful bundled works of art. Combining different elements can add color, fragrance, and texture. Silk flowers or vines can also be used providing a lasting piece of bound decor. Other common materials used include evergreens, holly, hemlock, olive leaves, ivy, bay leaves, laurel, and mistletoe.

Pure Symbolism

In Ancient Greece, the wreath was given to Olympic champions as a trophy of their accomplishments. In religion, it represents a circular form offered meanings of everlasting life or family circle. When hung on a door, it symbolizes a welcoming greeting.

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