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Adirondack Chairs: A Breath of Mountain Air and Free Life

Few furniture pieces are distinctive enough to become icons of a particular way of life. The Adirondack chair is one of those few. The wide wood slats of its arched back, its deep sloping seat, and its flat arms invite you (and your cold drink) to loll your way through a sunny day or a lazy summer, much like the Huntingtons, Vanderbilts, and other wealthy families did over a century ago in the Great Camps of New York's Adirondack Mountains. Durability, comfort, and indulgence in the great outdoors: that's the enduring legacy of the Adirondack chair.

Adirondack Chairs

Tourists flocked to the Adirondack region after the 1869 publication of Adventures in the Wilderness; Or, Camp-Life in the Adirondacks. The book's author, William H.H. Murray, the father of the Outdoor Movement, wrote it for those "who, pent up in narrow offices and narrower studies, weary of the city's din, long for a breath of mountain air and the free life by field and flood."

Outdoor life is still at the heart of Adirondack furniture's appeal today. Though not made from crates, salvaged wood, or waste from sawmills as the first Adirondack chairs were, contemporary Adirondack chairs retain their rustic simplicity, albeit it with more elegant materials, including teak, mahogany, oak, cedar, white fir, and other attractive and durable woods.

As you browse our selection at, you'll notice a diverse range of materials and designs.

Adirondack Chair
Adirondack Chair

Wood Adirondack chairs are the traditional choice. They can be stained or left unfinished and allowed to weather to a natural gray. White and dark green are the most traditional colors, but painted Adirondack chairs are also available in blue, pink, and other bright and cheerful hues.

When selecting a wood type for your Adirondack chair, consider not only color and texture, but also the wood's natural qualities.


Teak Adirondack chairs, for example, will offer superb durability and weather resistance.


Cedar is another ideal Adirondack chair material because of its natural resistance to cracking and moisture rot. Cedar also has a rich aroma that's not only pleasing to the senses, but functions as a natural insect repellent.


Cypress Adirondack chairs have tight grains that stand strong against warping. Natural oils in cypress, much like those in cedar, help the wood remain rot- and insect-resistant. A weathered finish, using acrylic stains in shades of white, is one of the most popular styles of finished cypress.


One of the most beautiful wood types when regularly stained, the naturally occurring knots in pine wood are one aspect that people enjoy. Pine resists insects, rot, and weathering when properly maintained.


A wood with with beautiful, rich grains, Mahogany is a tropical hardwood that's comparable in strength to oak or teak. It's much more scratch-resistant than softer woods like cedar and pine. Refinish mahogany annually to maintain its scratch-resistant, unique finish. As a hardwood, tropical Mahogany is finely grained and can resist decay.

Big Daddy Reclining Adirondack Chair with Pull Out Ottoman
Big Daddy Reclining Adirondack Chair
With Pull Out Ottoman

Shorea is a great choice for people who like aged wood in shades of silver. Straight-grained shorea will age from light lustrous brown to a beautiful gray when left unfinished (teak oil will preserve the original golden color). Shorea is also repellant to many insects and stands strong against harsh weather.


Tightly grained, this hardwood contains its own naturally occurring preservative, helping it resist insects and weather. Light oak is popular for its soft brown coloring.

All-Weather Plastic

The spirit of the Outdoor Movement that turned the Adirondacks into America's campground has taken a new turn with today's environmentally friendly Adirondack chairs. Using sustainable wood sources, for example, many manufacturers are conscientious in their efforts to prevent deforestation, harvesting only plantation-grown woods. Our recycled plastic chairs are also extremely popular among eco-conscious shoppers. These pieces utilize plastic milk jugs and other refuse that would otherwise end up in our landfills. Recycled plastic furniture offers the added benefits of being maintenance-free.

POLYWOOD® Recycled Plastic Long Island Adirondack Dining Chair
POLYWOOD® Recycled Plastic Long Island
Adirondack Dining Chair

Variations on the standard Adirondack design includes chairs with curved "comfort" backs and oversized seats. For intermittent use or easy portability, we recommend browsing our selection of folding Adirondack chairs. Sunbathers love our reclining Adirondack chairs, and for those times when sitting outside with your feet up is an absolute must, our all-in-one Adirondack chairs feature a slide-out ottoman.

Adirondack rocking chairs were traditionally made from yellow birch, a wood that provided strength, a leather-like texture, and reddish color (the heart wood of yellow birch is actually reddish-brown). Wood is still perhaps the most popular material choice for Adirondack rockers, though consumers can now select from mahogany, teak, cypress, and cedar rocking chairs that provide the same comfort, durability, and tranquility as the yellow birch rockers of the early 20th century.

Other Adirondack designs include porch swings, benches, gliders, and coordinating side tables. For children, we offer a range of authentic Adirondack styles perfectly sized for smaller loungers, including chairs, ottomans, rockers, and benches.

Creekvine Designs Cedar Country Hearts Adirondack Patio Chair
Creekvine Designs Cedar Country Hearts
Adirondack Patio Chair
Adirondack Sets

Along with outdoor leisure, Adirondack chairs are also about sociability: a casual conversation on the cottage porch, BBQs in the backyard, or fun times by the pool or riverside with friends and family. Choose a set with a matching side table for casual use or one of our Adirondack dining sets for more formal occasions.

Coral Coast Adirondack Chair Cushion
Adirondack Chair Cushions
Chair Cushions

We promise that our Adirondack chairs are comfortable, but they're even more comfortable with our Adirondack chair cushions and toss pillows. Pillows and chair cushions are also a simple and inexpensive way to add color to your decor.

Coral Coast Richmond Deluxe<br/>Adirondack Ottoman
Adirondack Furniture
Maintenance & Care

For details on how to maintain your Adirondack furniture, no matter what the material, visit our guide, Caring for and Cleaning Your Adirondack Chairs.