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The Solution: DIY

Instead of taking a gamble by buying Adirondack chair plans, save time and money by purchasing an Adirondack chair kit (the Premier Adirondack Chair Kit is an excellent choice). An Adirondack chair kit has everything you need to construct an attractive, relaxing outdoor chair. The directions are clear and precise, and you even get an estimation of how long the project will take. Best of all, everything is included. Pre-cut and shaped Adirondack pieces and all the hardware you need is included with our Adirondack chair kits.

The adirondack chair kits you'll find here are an efficient alternative to buying Adirondack chair plans. Searching for, buying, and cutting the wood you need, plus getting all the hardware makes using an Adirondack chair plan time-consuming and cumbersome. With our Adirondack chair kits, you can build more chairs in less time!