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Finding The Perfect Height

Looking for the perfect Christmas tree for your holiday space? The most popular sizes are right here at Hayneedle, plus you’ll find a full range of heights from under 4 feet to 14 feet and up.

Tree Profile Width Choices
Finding Your Holiday Tree Style
Tree Needle Inspiration of Information
Classic Christmas Tree
Classic - PVC Tree Needles

Until recently, PVC or polyvinyl chloride is what most artificial Christmas trees were constructed from with needles cut from colored sheets of compressed PVC.

Realistic - PVC + PE Tree Needles

PE, or molded tip, artificial Christmas trees often have PVC needles incorporated into their construction and design. Mixed branches create a very full, authentic look that is typically more life-like.

Check out Most Realistic Christmas Trees
Most Realistic - PE Tree Needles

Polyethylene is injected into a molding system to create more authentic branches and needles. These molded polymer needles have the thickness and density of a real tree branch for a more realistic look as opposed to the flat needles on the PVC Christmas trees.

Tinsel Christmas Tree
Tinsel Tree Needles

Different from Mylar tinsel meant for decoration, tinsel tree needles are made from PVC and coated with a metallic finish for an especially-festive appearance which is easily fluffed for a full look.