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Choosing the Right Size & Shape

"It's not big. It's just ... full." Eyeballing Christmas tree sizes didn't work so well for the Griswold family in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and it's not a great idea when choosing an artificial tree either. There are three points you should consider when settling on a size: height, base width, and tip count (see the concluding Foliage Types section for tips on tips).


Our most popular artificial Christmas trees are in the 7-7.5 feet range. This size is big enough to qualify as large, but not so big that it overwhelms a typical room. A standard ceiling is eight to nine feet high, so a tree of this size would still leave room for a decorative tree topper.

If you don't feel like busting out the tape measure but you're not sure about your preferred size, a tree in the 6-6.5 feet range is a safe choice. This is our second most popular size range. It's a versatile height for smaller or irregular rooms, or for maintaining proportion in an already busy Christmas decor.

For great rooms with a vaulted ceiling, trees in the 9-9.5 feet range would provide a suitable measure of Christmas splendor. No matter what size you settle on, you should leave at least six to 12 inches between the treetop and ceiling.

Base Width

Click through to the individual product page on any of our trees, and you'll spot a base width measurement in its description. This is the diameter of the tree at its widest point. Our trees are also organized into full, medium, and slim categories:

  • Full: This is the most lifelike shape, and the best option if you want a true focal-point tree. Most full Christmas trees in the popular 7-7.5 foot size range are about 56 to 64 inches in base width.
  • Medium: This is a more tapered shape that still maintains the appeal of a natural-looking form. A greater proportion of our tall Christmas trees come in medium shapes, including those 7-7.5 feet tall and those that are 10 to 14 feet high or bigger.
  • Slim: These slender forms are ideal for small spaces, and include modern pencil Christmas trees in flocked and colored styles. These sizes typically feature the more classic look of PVC rather than the enhanced realism of injection molded polyethylene (PE). However, if you're looking for a realistic style in a slim size, browsing our customer reviews could help lead you to some great finds.

Finding Your Holiday Tree Style

Stumped for new Christmas decorating ideas? Start with a distinctive tree! The following six styles bring a unique presence to modern and traditional Christmas interiors.


The classic choice for the traditional Christmas interior. These trees are unlit, allowing your family to get creative with lights, ornaments, glitter, and other Christmas tree decorations. Our selection features trees inspired by genuine fir, spruce, and pine tree species, lending a little outdoor magic to your seasonal display. Silver or spiral topiary styles offer tradition with a twist.


Flocking is artificial snow, which gives limbs a frosted or snow-covered appearance. As a holiday ritual, some families create flocking with flocking kits or as a DIY crafts project with soap, cotton, or wool. This can be fun, but it's also very messy (imagine Christmas decorating with adhesive and drop cloths). Needless to say, results can vary. Our flocked Christmas trees avoid all that fuss with permanent, high-quality flocking that enhances the holiday spirit in a traditional winter style. If you're a warm-climate dweller who's dreaming of a white Christmas, put a flocked tree on this season's wish list.


Colored holiday trees are another seasonal trend that's gaining in popularity. Bold colors such as purple, blue, pink, gold, and black can dramatically revamp your seasonal display or provide a standout centerpiece for Christmas parties. White, silver, gold, and red are alternative colors that would still be suitable for traditional holiday interiors.


Pity the Christmas tree decorators of the past. They had to pull strings of lights from a box and untangle them, then test if the bulbs were burnt out. The only things that came pre-lit to the party were the tipsy in-laws. If you'd rather forgo the annual draping of lights, a pre-lit Christmas tree is a lifesaver. There are a lot of options in this category, including clear, multi-colored, and longer-lasting LED lights. For an even more dazzling display, consider fiber optic trees with color-changing foliage.

Upside Down

It may look quirky, but the upside down Christmas tree has some serious practical benefits. Its reduced footprint is convenient for saving space, and it increases the visibility of hanging ornaments. It's also more traditional than you'd think. In Eastern Europe, hanging Christmas trees upside down is a centuries-old tradition. Our contemporary designs can be hung from the ceiling or placed on the floor if a stand is included.


Tabletop trees are an increasingly common sight in holiday decors, and the most space-efficient option you'll find. They're also a great choice if you want a purely decorative rather than a gather-round-the-presents tree. These styles range from about 2.5 to 4.5 feet in height, a good size for apartment dwellers or corporate offices.

Upside Down
Needle Tips & Foliage Types

An important factor in the appearance of your tree is its tip count: the more tips, the fuller and more realistic the tree. Your tree's product page should specify the number of tips included for each individual size.

No brown, dried-out pine needles to clean up here. Our faux holiday trees are made from injection molded polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PE trees are rated most realistic because their molds are based on real tree branches, including thicker, more three-dimensional needles. This is a relatively new technological advancement. Realistic PE/PVC trees feature a mix of both needle types for fullness. Classic needles cut from PVC offer a lifelike evergreen look.

PE Christmas Tree
PVC Christmas Tree
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