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Finding Your Holiday Tree Style

The classic choice for the traditional Christmas interior. These trees are unlit, allowing your family to get creative with lights, ornaments, glitter, and other Christmas tree decorations. Our selection features trees inspired by genuine fir, spruce, and pine tree species, lending a little outdoor magic to your seasonal display. Silver or spiral topiary styles offer tradition with a twist.


Flocking is artificial snow, which gives limbs a frosted or snow-covered appearance. Our flocked Christmas trees avoid all the DIY fuss with permanent, high-quality flocking that enhances the holiday spirit in a traditional winter style. If you're a warm-climate dweller who's dreaming of a white Christmas, put a flocked tree on this season's wish list.


Colored Christmas trees are another seasonal trend that's gaining in popularity. Bold colors such as purple, pink, gold, and black Christmas trees can dramatically revamp your seasonal display or provide a standout centerpiece for Christmas parties. We have stunning Christmas tree collections in white, silver, and gold, and red are alternative colors that would still be suitable for traditional holiday interiors. A gold Christmas tree is one of our top picks - it provides a gorgeous neutral upon which you can layer any other color of ornaments and garland.


Pre lit Christmas trees are a breeze to assemble and disassemble. The lights remain on the tree, eliminating the daunting task of untangling and re-stringing lights year after year. They're also offered in several light color options including clear and multi-colored incandescent bulbs as well as longer-lasting LED lights.

Upside Down

It may look quirky, but the upside down Christmas tree has some serious practical benefits. Its reduced footprint is convenient for saving space, and it increases the visibility of hanging ornaments. It's also more traditional than you'd think. In Eastern Europe, hanging Christmas trees upside down is a centuries-old tradition. Our contemporary designs can be hung from the ceiling or placed on the floor if a stand is included. You'll find Christmas tree stands are usually included with or attached to artificial Christmas trees.


Tabletop trees are an increasingly common sight in holiday decors, and the most space-efficient option you'll find. Small Christmas trees all around the house are perfect for purely decorative displays rather than a gather-round-the-presents tree. These styles range from about 2.5 to 4.5 feet in height, a good size for small spaces.

Fiber Optic

Today’s fiber optic Christmas trees feature tiny lights on the tips of or throughout the branches, providing a sparkling and often color-changing tree. Best of all, LED options mean they’ll remain cool … just like your taste in trees. From tabletop size on up, discover the magic of fiber optic Christmas trees.


Not at all Charlie Brown-esque, twig Christmas trees are works of art that bring a sweetness and charm to any holiday space. With visible, spare branches often featuring only lights, twig trees offer a contemporary aesthetic that is subdued but so pleasing.

Holiday Decorating Inspiration
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