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Great Product! Great Price!
By David from Societyhill,SC on 3/27/2015
The car seat is very stylish and clicks easily into the base. The stroller was easy to assemble and it breaks down and sets up in a flash! Also, the price was unbeatable.
Best car seat I've ever owned
By AlishaP from Nashville, TN on 3/18/2015
We've had this seat for over a year now. It's been through a lot, to say the least. I did buy the angle adjuster. It's a must for midsize cars like mine, 2001 Accord. My son is still rear-facing at 2y4m old. He honestly cried in every single seat I bought before this one. He hated feeling confined. This seat gave him the option of being safe and comfortable. LATCH made the install super easy. I love the lower anchor locks. Seriously, they're super easy to use. Now I use the seatbelt to install and it's difficult in some bechiles of the seat belts are slicker than mine. But I just turn the car seat sideways and thread it through. Then I buckle it while holding the slack. Then I turn the seat right ways and start tightening. It sounds like a lot but it only takes about two minutes. My son weighs about 38lbs and is about 38in tall, mostly leg. He's still on the third harness slot since it's below his shoulders and the next one is still above. I do wish it came with thinner shoulder pads. The ones it came with are really thick and I couldnt get him buckled correctly with them on. If you decide to buy this seat, definitely purchase the angle adjuster with it. You'll get a lot of room back when it's installed. We also bought the waterproof seat cover. Definitely worth the ten dollars too. It's great for leaky diapers and spilled drinks and food. It saves the hassle of having to wash every time.
Perfect fit. Great features. Comfy for my little ones and not too heavy!
By masselin from New Hampshire, United States on 3/17/2015
I bought 2 of these seats for my newborn twins. I chose it because it had the best ratings and could handle a smaller newborn (ex: 4lbs) whereas most other seats started at 5 lbs. With twins I didn't know how big they would be, since they tend to be smaller. These seats are PERFECT to lug around and when combined with the B-Ready stroller (also equipped to hold 2 car seats) it is like a dream! I wouldn't hesitate to purchase again and yes, I am the mother of 7 children~ We have owned every car seat there is. I highly recommend this one!
Great product, that could use some minor tweaking
By oddduck from London, ON, Canada on 3/16/2015
I've had a Diono Radian R100 installed in my car for 6-8 months now for my 12mo old, both with and without the angle adjuster. I would recommend it for those who are either planning to rear facing for a long period of time, or for those who need something narrow. There are a few things I would love to be improved. 1. The belt path is so low and narrow that it is hard for me to squeeze my hand in there. It isn't much better forward facing and tends to cause the belt to bunch. 2. I'm not overly fond of the ratching harness tightening. Realistically every time I loosen or tighten I pull the harness on the back of the seat and then the adjuster strap. I do wish it was a smooth pull. 3. The chest clip is so wide that it pulls the harness off the shoulder of younger infants.
Great Overall and easy install
By Jeremy from Dallas, TX on 3/11/2015
This car seat was easy to install and the ClickTight system lets you be confident that the seat-belt is properly tightened.
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