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Perfect for family game night!
By Kimberly from Lynwood, CA on 9/25/2015
This product was given to me to try out with my four boys. They absolutely loved it. We received it Wednesday and my 8 & 11 year olds were up early Thursday morning playing with it before school. My 14 & 6 year olds loved playing it as well. I love how it makes them think quickly and keeps them on their toes as they try to come up with answers to each question before the time runs out. Even my husband and I enjoyed playing it with our boys. It's rare to find a game that's both educational and fun! The product is also durable and can endure being tossed around from boy to boy.
The MoonScope is out of this World!
By MammaPam from New York, NY on 9/25/2015
The MoonScope is a fantastic toy/tool for kids ages 6+! When we received the package my kids (ages 8 and 6) could hardly wait to take it out. The set up was very easy and didn't really require us to read the directions. The QR video also provided a clear explanation of set up and use. One of the many benefits of the MoonScope is its durability. Within the first 5 minutes of use it was dropped on the floor several times without it breaking or cracking. We loved the journal, the kids were able to compare the moon they saw and figure out what phase it was in. The MoonScope requires a bit of practice to spot things. The kids got a bit discouraged at first when they could not find the moon. We have been practicing during the day with tree tops and water towers as the video suggests. The kids are enjoying that just as much as the moon. It would be great if there was a lens with an even wider range that can help kids gain confidence until they are skilled enough for the 20mm. But this is an overall great product.
A great introduction to scientific study
By Dan T. from Cincinnati, OH on 9/25/2015
There are many ways that the beauty in intricacies of the world can be introduced to children, and many science and educational toys work to accomplish this. However, one of my favorites has always been the microscope. Instead of focusing on one particular facet of science, like insects or rocks or cells, the microscope can allow children to see that there is a deeper layer of understanding for any object within their grasp. A drop of blood, dash of salt, a scrap of paper, a strand of hair. Almost anything, when studied through microscope, reveals a whole new world beyond our usual perception. Not only is this interesting in and of itself, but it also opens the door to conversations about deeper, more fundamental structure of matter. Any microscope designed for children can accomplish this, but I was particularly impressed with this model for a number of reasons. Considering the cost, it is well designed and well constructed. The option of lighting from above and below the slide is particularly useful for a variety of specimens, the lenses and magnification are easy to work with, and its compact and sleek design make it difficult to destroy even by eager young fingers. The focus knob and the zoom lever are easy to find, and the rubberized bottom makes it much more practical for use on table surfaces without the risk of sliding or toppling. The journal, which I was expecting to be a throwaway inclusion just to pad things out, was in fact a beautifully designed introduction to the scientific method and proposed a variety of activities enhancing the use of the microscope in ways I had not even considered. It was far more approachable and insightful than most of the grade school textbooks I have seen, which means a child fully using the materials with this microscope would get a better education than going to class. Seriously, though, the journal is also of particular effectiveness for parents who do not have the time or knowledge to help guide their kids through getting the most out of this elegant and genuine scientific instrument. My complaints, what they are, are extremely minor. One is that the 'dissecting' (from above) light is a fixed piece with the part that holds the slide, which means that it is very difficult to look at the surfaces of larger objects under the microscope because they won't fit in the limited staging area. The field of vision shifts to the left and right when the focus knob is turned, especially at high-power, which can be a frustration, though the movement is relatively minor. While I have a daughter, I could see how an insecure boy might be put off by the teal and purple color scheme, though I enjoy it. The white interior surface had small smears of the teal outer paint on it, though this again was very minor and does not affect performance. Considering that those are all the issues I could find, this is a wonderful product. If you are considering something to get the kid in your life excited about science, this is a great one.
Electronic Tablet .... fun for little ones!
By Melinda from CHESTERFIELD, MO on 9/18/2015
My granddaughter was entertained for hours with this electronic tablet. She loved pressing the pictures and hearing the sounds. Age 12 months.
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