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So far So good
By Kelly from Bellevue, NE on 4/6/2015
When you buy a bike online, it doesn't come fully assembled. The directions are helpful, but it's pretty obvious attach front tire, attach seat, attach handle bars. The brakes however should be looked at professionally, I had mine checked out since I couldn't seem to set them properly. The guy who looked at my brakes did let me know that disc brakes are a bit more difficult to set. I rode it about 3 miles for my test drive, on flat cement. I'm still trying to get used to the hi/low gear switching. The seat is a bit uncomfortable, but most stock seats are. The pedals have very nice teeth, so I won't have to worry about my shoes slipping, mind you wear SHOES, flip flops don't cut it. The disc brakes do work VERY well, they're just difficult to set and I'm almost afraid to do a hard stop. They seem to work too well. I did have to go to the manufacturer's website to determine if this size was right for me, and though it works fine I have to take the rear reflecter off, and the seat is all the way to the bottom. I'll end up getting a more comfortable seat, but with a reflector or light attached. So far my absolute favorite thing about this bike is the kick stand. Unlike many bikes I've had or had to deal with if the kick stand was down the pedals would eventually hit it and get in the way. On this bike where the kick stand is, it's never in the way! So I can easily move the bike a few feet without having kick the stand up/down.
Good buy
By Sole11 from Redmond or on 4/3/2015
I really like this push car, my 18 months old loves it... He is bigger than the 18 m old though (36 pounds, 35 inches) so I'm worry he is going to outgrow it soon ( his knees are amost touching the stir wheel) Other than that I would recommend to use a butt pad since I think it's hard on his little butt when we go for long walks Great buy, very sturdy
Little Roadster
By Ruby from Indiana on 4/1/2015
The product suggests 1-4; our twin grandsons are 2 and almost too big already so we are slightly disappointed.
Fantastic Service
By mike from Medina, OH, United States on 3/31/2015
We purchased this bike for a grandson's second birthday and did this on-line. I didn't think there was any way this could get here on time but the day before the party it was on the porch. We put it together in 5 minutes and Mason walked up and just tossed a leg over like he had been doing it for months!
Very cool
By Klassen from Welland, Ontario Canada on 3/30/2015
We have just purchased the bike and will give it to our granddaughter next week for Easter. She is 2 yrs. old and loved it at the store. So we're looking forward to watching her learn walking, gliding and balance in the weeks to come.
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