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Best scooter on the market
By Keith Sr from Arizona on 2/18/2015
I have purchased 3 stand up scooters in the last year for my son, because they keep breaking. This is the first model that is not junk. I highly recommend this scooter. He has been trail riding it, jumping it etc. It has held up great. You can tell a lot of time has gone into the design and manufacturing of this scooter. If you are in the same boat as me, constantly buying the cheaper junkier scooters and having no luck, you have finally found the one and only to buy.
By Traci from Kansas City, MO on 2/6/2015
This is the BEST 12-volt battery powered riding toy a person can buy! We have several others and this one by far has EXCEEDED the rest in power, stability, and the ease of finding replacement tires. My son has gone through two sets of tires on his because he rides it in our cul-de-sac EVERY DAY, down around our yard and even in the snow! He takes jumps of the curbs with it, drives it down steep hills, and wont tip over easily like the 4-wheelers. It carries two small children with ease and is SAFE! I highly recommend this ride. The best part is that it has two gears for those starting out to the more experienced and even has son loves slamming it into reverse when he is at full speed going forward so he can spin the tires and go sideways! We bought this for our sons 2 y/o birthday and he is now 5 and he still rides this; however we are now looking for a 24-volt with even more speed :) I highly recommend buying an extra 12-volt battery because the kids LOVE riding and the batter drains after just a few hours of hard riding.
Plasma cars forever!
By momof5awesomekids from Indiana on 2/6/2015
We bought 6 plasma cars 6 yrs. ago for when GKs are here (13 of them!) The cars are used several times a wk regardless of the weather. Winter- in our unfinished basement & summer- on our long, inclined concrete driveway. Even our big kids (the parents)ride them. Lots of fun & no repairs needed so far. Wonderful way for kiddos to get lots of exercise even in winter months. Highly reccommended.
A Twin Hit
By Joan from Va on 1/30/2015
The wagon for my twin grandchildren and they loved it it's a hit, and I would buy it again.
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