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Still going strong.
By LSRmomma from Undisclosed on 5/7/2015
Wonderful car seat and stroller it is adorable seemed very comfortable. The car seat was easy to install and click into stroller. The stroller it wonderful very durable and works in all different terrain (snow, mud, dirt roads, ect). It is easy to clean and will take a while to be outgrown. The only reason it got 4 stars was because my daughter quickly out grew the car seat but then again she was born at 9lbs 12 oz so not surprising.
Nice stroller but some downfalls
By Kellin from California, United States on 5/4/2015
I bought this stroller almost a month ago to replace my McLaren (which I loved it! but some downfall as well) that my hubby run over backing up his car. I bought the cup holder as well because it does not come with it. It was hard to put it on and when I fold the stroller, the cup fell down always! It is sooo annoying! Another downfall is the rear wheels, they are little too wide to fit in my mini van, also the buckles are very stiff to lock up! The storage is little too small for me but that is fine, I do not carry a big diaper bag and my 2 year old is out of diapers already, I just need to carry her snacks and extra pants in case of accident. Other than that I love the canopy it is very wide, it is easy to maneuver the stroller because of the big wheels
Great product with easy assembly
By Dee-Dee from Bronx, NY on 5/1/2015
I actually got this product for my small dogs and they love it. The instructions were clear and concise. Took me about an hour to put it together. My only gripe with this product is that it is a bit heavy and I live on a 5th floor walkup. Thanks Hayneedle I love my trailer.
Amazing stroller
By Laura from Redmond, WA on 4/30/2015
I cannot say enough good things about this stroller. It is easy to set up and break down (although you do need both hands) and you can manuever it with 1 figure. The blowup tires absorb a good amount of shock and the car seat snaps into both this and the base so easily that my baby's godmother (who is now pregnant) is gettting this same setup based just on that. The only drawback is in the carseat. It's very safe and the baby does great in it but getting the two arm strap latches togehter and buckled does take some practice. Otherwise, this is exactly what we were hoping for.
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