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What's your type?

If there's one seat that should be exactly the way you want it, it's a beach chair. Because unless you're a lifeguard, beach seating's all about maximum leisure and comfort. These general types offer a good place from which to start your customized search:


You can never go wrong with classic. Classic, in this case, means colorful folding beach chairs with arms, and excellent weight capacities of 200 to 300 pounds or more. The other details are up to you - and we'll get to all those in a second.


If your mission is a full body tan - or just the most napping you can fit into one gorgeously sunny afternoon - then chaise is the magic word. These long loungers offer several recline positions, and most designs are fully reclining, so you can kick off your flip flops and tan face up or down. The downside? Beach chaises are bigger and more difficult to carry. But their full-body comfort is perfect for permanent (or just summer-long) oceanfront or lakeside seating.

Zero Gravity

No, it's not a spray-on tanning product for astronauts who got pasty in space. Zero gravity is a NASA-inspired technology that offers infinite recline positions (within the chair's range of movement, of course - no hanging upside down like a bat). Because zero grav seats are designed to relieve pressure on the lower spine and back, they don't recline flat. You'll need a chaise for that little luxury.

Getting The Big Picture On Frames

The durability of your beach chair depends on a lot of things, but frame material is definitely near the top. To get the most beach for your buck, keep these material pros and cons in mind.

Strong, durable, and always stylish, wood's a classic choice for beach seating. Many of our frames are made from solid oak or solid ash hardwood, with a protective oil finish or marine-grade varnish. For exceptional long-term performance, go with teak, a hardwood that's legendary for its weather resistance and longevity.

Aluminum is the most popular outdoor chair material. It's strong and sturdy yet relatively lightweight, and offers outstanding resistance to weather and rust with virtually no maintenance. If you're a value shopper, aluminum's a smart buy.

Steel is mostly used in zero gravity chairs, due to its superb strength and elasticity. It's more vulnerable than aluminum to the elements, but powder-coated finishes help give steel a long outdoor life.

Sounds cheap? Far from it. Recycled plastic is top-ranked for its unmatched durability and resistance to weather, salt water, bacterial growth, and pretty much anything short of Superman (legal disclaimer: recycled plastic is not resistant to Superman). Plus POLYWOOD® beach chairs are made in the USA.

Take a seat

There are three seat factors that shoppers should consider: height, material, and color.


How far off the sand do you want to be? Most people are comfortable with chairs in the nine to 12 inch seat height range, but taller and shorter designs have their advantages. Low seats (8 inches and under) make it easier to stretch out and catch some rays, or let your feet play in the surf. Tall seats (13 inches and up) are easier to get into and out of.


Contemporary outdoor fabrics have come a long way in style and performance. Quick-drying textiline, durable polyester, and stain- and mildew-resistant olefin are some of our more popular options. Water-resistant and fade-proof Sunbrella is the industry leader.


This one's a matter of preference, but you'll find a virtual rainbow of options, including blue, green, white, red, black, striped, and much more.

Features You May Find Helpful
  • Cup holders, for obvious reasons
  • Backpack chairs featuring straps for carrying, as well as plenty of back-of-the-seat storage space
  • A folding beach chair with a shoulder strap is another easy-to-carry option
  • A built-in beach canopy, which works like an umbrella or eye shade
  • Multiple recline positions (check the search bar on the left for recline options)
Classic Style

Chaise Style

Zero Gravity Style