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The Right Gifts for Baby. Shop 18 Months - 3 Years

Now that they've mastered toddling around, give your toddler something to toddle toward. Having gotten past infancy, when just lying there and looking cute is enough to get by, your clever kid is now ready to rock, roll, and really figure out what those bigger kids have been up to this whole time.

For your little adventurer, who's anxious to keep developing gross motor skills, has some great toys to amuse while kids climb safely. Rocking horses - from the classic Radio Flyer of your childhood to new musical plush rockers by Charm - give kids that rush of speed, while keeping them within your eyesight. Meanwhile, their finer dexterity is also developing alongside their rapid mental growth, so easels, activity tables, blocks, and simple puzzles give them an outlet to begin creating their own art and playing with visual symbols like shapes, letters, and numbers.

And as they're growing mentally, your little one will look to you for an example. This is why imaginative role play is so essential for young children; it allows them to explore relationships and interactions by modeling someone who they know has it down: you. Your child will love mimicking your behaviors around the house, whether that's using a play kitchen, like the ones by KidKraft, or a Melissa and Doug Wooden Project Workbench, or one of our many fully featured dollhouseses.

Find exactly what your toddler needs and wants at, where the perfect gift will delight and develop your toddler into the big kid they're proving to be.