A Mid-Century Modern Home Office for Him

Throwback time! Mid-century style incorporates natural elements and modern flair, which suits a variety of personal styles. When creating a home office for her husband, blogger Aileen Allen used the opportunity to incorporate retro, modular style. This look is ideal for those who want a creative and functional space with bold patterns and colors. Bonus: it’s perfect for small spaces.

My decorating style is pretty girly. I’m lucky that I have a husband who doesn’t mind, but I do feel bad that my style is so dominant throughout the house. I was excited to carve out a masculine home office for Ben! I did my best to be hands-off and let him pick out pieces that he really wanted, but of course I couldn’t resist picking out a few things, too. In the end, I think we did a great job of pulling together a space that feels cohesive with the rest of our house…but a little more manly.

One of the anchor pieces that we both loved immediately was this mid-century style desk from Belham Living. It’s not too bulky, which is perfect for a small home like ours, and we loved the sleek, modern look.

Ben’s favorite new item is a floor lamp from Zuo Modern. I don’t think I would have picked it out myself, but now that I see it in person I have to admit–my husband has good taste. The lamp has an adjustable arm, so you can extend it really far, and the shape is cool and futuristic.



We chose the rest of the main pieces together: a cheery yellow rug, a rocking desk chair, a leather Moroccan pouf, and a cube bookcase for storing games, books, and other items.

Then, I got some accessories to add finishing touches to the room: a modern wall clock, a beautiful turquoise lamp, some wall cubes for displaying trinkets, and some cute dachshund bookends (among other things).

It’s a small space, but all the pieces work together really well so it doesn’t feel too cramped. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and now Ben has a corner of the house that’s a little more “him!”

 — Aileen Allen, 

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