Put A Bird (Cage) On It

Bird cages and chandeliers, who’d have thought?

This trend is super intriguing. It has that je-ne-sais-quoi quality that’s so hard to pinpoint. Is it rustic? A little. Is it Old World? A tad. Is it a smidge glam? Oh, definitely. For the time being, suffice to say, it’s totally chic.

I’m not quite sure what would inspire such a trend, but I simply love it and actually have a few cages myself. In fact, I placed a small antique cage within a large hanging cage (with a stand) and placed one of those flameless candles in the smaller cage to add a little glow. Love it!

I really dig the look of a vintage-y bird cage hung on a stand, but really, any frilly bird cage will do. If you find a new cage you’re particularly fond of, you can always take some sandpaper to it and distress it yourself. Leave it out in the rain, let it rust, paint it emerald green … the options are limited only to your imagination. Get creative.

If you find a bird cage you love, but can’t fit a chandelier in it, or the cage doesn’t hang, stick a plant or candle(s) in it instead (remember to be smart and safe if you choose the latter). Little succulents work really well, as do air plants. Caged plants or candles make for great accents or centerpieces. Just a thought.

– Kelly, editor

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