Happy Birthday, Gemini!

Geminis are very adaptable and quickly navigate through social circles, thriving on developing new friendships and relationships. They are very witty, with clever tongues and a quick intellect. They love to chat and can charm others with their imaginative conversation skills. Geminis are also fickle and prone to restlessness, so they need a variety of stimuli or they will get bored quickly.

Books are a guaranteed way to sustain one’s intellect, so invest in a good bookcase to keep things orderly. In the same fashion, magazines provide many topics of conversation and can be kept in a stylish rack. Restless and energetic Geminis will benefit immensely from a consistent yoga practice. With a wide variety of classes and types of yoga, their need for change and newness will be met. Artistic endeavors will appeal to Geminis as they yearn for self-expression.

Gardening may suit these spring babies, as well as an outdoor space to socialize with friends. When entertaining, Geminis will provide a variety of refreshments, ensuring every individual’s needs are met.

Yellow is the color for this sign, representing freshness, high energy, and creativity. Incorporate pops of yellow into your space to invoke these sentiments.

Chelsea, editor

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