Birthday Party for Him by Lauren Saylor

Guest blogger Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete shows you how to throw a grownup birthday party for a special someone …

You might say planning a birthday party for a guy is a chore. And you also might think you could never throw in DIY elements for a party for your man. I used to think the same thing. But with a little imagination and a good theme to play around with, it’s just as fun as all of those pretty pink frilly parties you see on Pinterest. Even more fun if you ask me!

A whiskey, scotch and cigar party.

Whiskey, scotch, and cigars to start ...

So to kick off my planning for a birthday party with a masculine undertone, I went with a theme I knew very well based on my own husband and his friends … a vintage travel-inspired whiskey, scotch and cigar tasting! Rather than stick with the obvious maps and globes, I decided to take the route of pulling objects and materials one might find through their travels. Think rustic woods and metals, shells, tools like binoculars, and wicker items from exotic locations.

Since the main focus of the party would be the tasting area, I filled it with details like candles seated in shells and sand, directions for a mixed drink in case everybody didn’t like their drinks on the rocks, granite stones that were the perfect solution to NOT dilute the expensive scotch, and this amazing pair of binoculars that would be the conversation piece of the night (and probably get put to use after a glass or two from the tasting table!).

The tasting table was given a backdrop of DIY details. I’m almost positive I’ve never thrown a bash without some garland. And a guy’s party is no exception. Shells were strung on twine after I drilled holes in each one and draped to add a touch of color. Next I layered a garland made of small strips of natural fabric sewn together. These elements could easily be made from actual items collected from your travels!

Whiskey and Scotch were set out to taste. But also set out a menu and ingredients for when guests are ready to start mixing their own libations. Give them options that won’t stress you out.

On the floor there was a picnic type of spread set out next to a couch and ottomans. If you are short on seating blankets will always do the trick. Especially in a casual setting. Picnic seating is perfect. And when you incorporate part of your menu on a large tray on the ground, it will encourage guests to sit, relax, mingle and enjoy.

With a large spread of meats, cheeses, and breads I set out hand dyed napkins and tied up sets of fun bamboo flatware.

This beverage serving set was a great addition to the floor seating. The tray held a pitcher and six glasses tight and kept all of them from being tipped over easily as people moved around throughout the party. I served some refreshing water to grab and go. Simple ottomans added a huge splash of color next to the simple wicker set and plenty of additional seating.

Small trays of cigars and jars of handmade matchboxes were set out. Customizing the matchboxes was a simple way to add a little personalization to the night. Simply open the outer box, measure, cut from card stock and add your own quotes, names or notes.

To end the party, send each guest home with a small reminder of the night. Order an extra set of the granite stones and separate to add one in each favor box. Pop in a single serving of whiskey, top off with tissue, and add a wrap on the outside of the box. For the whiskey favor, I thought it would be fun to create a graphic telling guests how to enjoy their whiskey after they left our little shindig. Then they could do as they pleased with their sets.

Birthday parties are all about celebrating your favorite person’s big day, so scheming up a party like this is as easy as incorporating some of their favorite things. Switch out the scotch and cigars for something your friend or family member likes even more.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve for planning a seamless bash?

– Lauren Saylor,

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  1. Camille Dumas

    Love the centerpiece idea… Where can I find the large lighted initial?

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