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Get the Look: A Creative Guest Room

Brian Patrick Flynn does it again! Just in time for the holidays, he shows us how to create a space perfect for guests yet also ideal for everyday use. Employing a mix of masculine and feminine colors, elegant bedroom furniture, interesting accents, and space-saving solutions, he shows us how to balance the best of both worlds (and fend off bears while we’re at it!).

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Love the look? Get it here!

Love the look? Get it here!

A Bear of a Bedroom

When I bought my home in the North Georgia mountains – known for having wild bears hanging around outside and amazing views of national park landscape – the entire point was to have someplace to unwind, unplug and just enjoy the simpler things in life—like painting, drawing and watching marathons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But with a dark and dingy guest room like the one this home had, the only kind of art I could envision creating was a horror film screenplay.

Naturally, I decided to turn that 13-by-15-foot nightmare of a room into a happy place to work on creative art and design projects during the day, then relax and unwind at night. Not only did it turn out to be the perfect place to work on projects, it also makes for an absolutely fabulous guest room … plus it’s pink and rather femme—something I hope will deter those big, burly bears from breaking through the windows.

Guest-room Glory

The change that made the biggest impact was fresh paint, followed by replacing the horrendous carpet with black wood floors. What was previously dismal and all-around awful is now open, airy, and cheerful thanks to a shade of whitish pink called Barely Blush from Glidden. Why pink? Well, I fell in love with the Nail Button Wingback Upholstered Headboard paired with a mirrored console table, like the Mikala Mirrored Console Table, and figured that navy blue and silver would look killer against a super-light shade of pink. I was right.

Most homeowners would not immediately think of using console tables next to their beds, but they’re actually excellent alternatives to nightstands. To get the scale and proportion just right, keep in mind that consoles measuring between 36 and 42 inches wide work perfectly alongside full and queen beds. To break up the overall traditional vibe of the bed area, I opted for mid-century table lamps along with a modern, shiny silver picture frame (Reed and Barton Silver Link Midnight Picture Frame) boasting an engraved geometric, chain-link pattern.

A beautiful bedscape of pattern, texture, and color.

A beautiful bedscape of pattern, texture, and color.

The detail of the nailhead trim atop the navy blue headboard really takes the look to another level, adding toughness to an otherwise feminine aesthetic. To layer blues throughout the room, I chose the Winston Duvet Bedding Set from Nautica and mixed it up with Surya Houndstooth Decorative Pillows in slate blue, solid navy blue Surya Silk Lane Decorative Pillows, and the Signet by Baltic Linen 1000-Thread Count Sheet Set in classic white.

Keeping it Creative

We got the sleeping/guest room part tackled, but, “Where the hell is the creative workspace stuff, Mr. Flynn?” I’m so glad you asked. It’s all tucked neatly between the bathroom and entryway, son. The wall-mounted workstation established full functionality for drawing, painting, sketching and computing without sacrificing storage. The cushy shag rug acts as an underfoot masseuse and the molded plastic Nuevo Max mid-century chair contributes a modern touch to the room’s traditional style. Hey, look: resin moose horns!

Geez, I must have some really nice clothes in that mid-century chest, huh? Nope. Since the bedroom needed to cater to both sleeping quarters and creativity, I stuck with storage that can naturally house shirts and jeans yet is totally suitable for stowing art and design gear. For a sculptural touch, I added coral lamps and a Brutalist-inspired mirror and that was that. The space is complete and ready for guests, plus it’s pink and happy – and I have yet to see a bear crawl through to eat my paints.

Brian Patrick Flynn, producer/designer

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  1. Irene

    Love the Blush Tones, I’d like to try in my new Office Space, which has my son’s old desk & chest of drawers and my Mom’s tiny dining table that is used as a craft/wrapping area. I think it would be fun to have a soft pink room. Thanks!

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