Earn Your Design Stripes

Bold stripes invigorate a space with a crisp point of view. The linear look works well in classic and contemporary settings, making it a versatile update. This season, the unswerving graphic design brightens up the home from the living room to the backyard.

Black and white stripes create chic modern flair in a living or dining room.

For a more subtle effect, take the ticking stripe trend for your own. Ticking stripes make an appearance this season on everything from pillows and bed linens to chairs and benches. Borrowed from industrial manufacturing, ticking patterns add a rustic or vintage charm to traditional, coastal, and cottage layouts.

Stripes have always been an outdoor staple for their vivid impact and fun-loving nature. Update an outdoor seating area with a striped umbrella or hang a hammock in the yard.

The kids can enjoy a stylish outdoor setup, as well, with these trend-setting pieces.

Last but not least, your four-legged friends will look that much cuter with a fresh new bed or food bowl in this season’s stripe.

Augusta, editor

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