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Easy & Amazing Curb Appeal Touches

Curb appeal is something we talk about a lot. It’s not just about selling a home, it’s about making your home look and feel just as fabulous outside. I know when I ramped up my curb appeal, I just felt better pulling into my driveway. I was excited to be home. It really is a great feeling. This time of year is when your curb appeal is at its annual peak. By now, your flowers have bloomed and hopefully your grass is that gorgeous green we try all year to attain! If it feels like something is still missing, here are a few ways you might want to fill in the blanks, so to speak.

Install an arbor

Nothing says “welcome” like an arbor, and you can save major bucks by installing a prefabricated product. Arbors can be installed near the front sidewalk, the front door or off to the side in a front garden or yard. For an English country look, plant them with grape or clematis but not wisteria, especially when the arbor is near the house. Just an F.Y.I. I learned from my gardener – wisteria is way too invasive and should never be planted within eight feet of a house.

Put out fragrant planters and hanging baskets

I always tell people to put fragrant things by the front door. It’s very welcoming, isn’t it? Jasmine and gardenia are nice choices. Hanging plants also add cheeriness and color to the front of a house. I love to put planters by a garage, it’s unexpected and lovely. This is so easy to fix up quickly and inexpensively!


Add little artsy touches that create a homey vibe. Maybe an old birdbath, hanging glass balls, a wind chime, an outdoor clock. All of these are things that make your home pop this time of year! A koi pond, a wheelbarrow or even a decorative birdhouse add a lot of interest, too.


Yes, furnishings! An outdoor bench, a porch swing, a hammock and a rocking chair are furniture, my friends! Not only do they look good, but they make spending outdoors at home more fun.

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