Editors’ Picks for Father’s Day Gifts

Dads are pretty appreciative regardless the content of the gift, as we know. The 8-packs of tube socks from Target, the make-your-own pottery mug – all lumps and globs, the Old Spice … we suspect that all of these were met with sincere and kind thanks.

So how about this Father’s Day, we make up for the years of neck-ties? Even if you’re shopping for your husband, brother, or son along with Dad, we editors gathered some ideas to provide a little extra inspiration as you honor the guy who’s still your hero and #1 fan.

Because the word “Dad” was always synonymous with “nap” in my family, I can think of no better gift than this hammock stand set. As an artist, my dad would especially love the smooth, stained wood stand that forms a huge arc. Wouldn’t it be awesome to set it up ahead of time, so that after the noise, noise, noise, noise of Father’s Day festivities, he can head out to the backyard and plop right into a slice of snoozing heaven? Oh, yes.

Where other dads prized plaques of giant trout catches, college trophies, or a restored ’57 Chevy, my dad adored his Shop Vac. Circa 1976, he’d drag it around the basement like an adored puppy, happily lapping up every spill, pile of sawdust and occasional spider. I’m guessing a brand new Shop Vac Ultra Pro Vacuum would blow many a dad’s mind. This one is a 16-gallon, 6.25-horsepower blast of awesome, drawing air in or out, vacuuming up wet or dry material. For the dads who take care to clean up after their latest almost-there genius invention, consider a new Shop Vac.


My dad works hard. Like, really hard. Seems like he’s always got more than a few things on his plate. I’m not typically a fan of the recliner – I tend to think of obnoxiously overstuffed chairs in forest green and burgundy upholstery – but I am a fan of anything that gives my dad some well-deserved kick-back-and-relax-with-your-feet-up kind of time. Plus, the Barcalounger Charleston Recliner has style I can get on board with. It’s decidedly masculine, has classic lines that won’t look out of date any time soon, and it’s upholstered in soft, top-grain leather. He can lean back in the fluffy backrest and put his feet in the air thanks to the lifting footrest. That’s the official position for, “I’m off duty.” You’re welcome, Dad.


My father-in-law truly enjoys grilling when the weather’s nice, but by the looks of his current barbecue, it’s seen better days. That’s why my wife and I are surprising him this year with the Weber Genesis E-330 Gas Grill – Propane and plenty of goodies for him to fire up on his special day.

With 3 burners and 637 square inches of cooking surface, the Genesis E-303 is perfect for him. He has a large family and is usually in charge of all cooking duties. That said, if he plans to grill a smaller meal for his immediate family, it’s not unreasonable to consider firing this baby up. The side burner provides him an additional cooking surface for veggies, baked beans, and other dishes when the main grilling area is in use. The hardest decision for me to make is choosing between a black, copper, and green finish. Another plus is that Hayneedle offers FREE to-the-door delivery, so he doesn’t have to ask one of his daughters to help him carry it into the garage for assembly.


For the dad who can fix everything – that’s my dad! – the Excel 21-Drawer Roller Tool Combo is a most excellent gift for Father’s Day. Convenient as could be, this roller tool combo has locking casters, so Dad can roll it wherever he needs it and securely lock it in place when he’s ready to hunker down and start fixing things.

Composed of a chest and a cabinet with a total of 21 drawers in an accommodating array of sizes to account for tools large and small, this tool holder is a fine example of organization on wheels. From the tiniest toothpicks for paint touch-ups to heartier hammers or a slew of saws, this tool combo holds it all. I still take my fixer-uppers to my dad, and every time, I know he’ll have the precise tools to make the fix, and now he’ll know exactly where all those tools are, with the handy help of the Excel!

– Julie



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  1. Yevette Parker

    I love to grill steak and veggies!

  2. Donna Riese

    Dad does all the cooking inside and out. He deserves the best!

  3. Donna Riese

    You can’t do enough for Dad’s

  4. Lori

    Keeping my fingers crossed to win!!!!

  5. Brian

    need a grill.

  6. Tommie Petito

    My son, Clint is an awesome single dad and wants a new grill so bad. He does not have a grill at all right now and cannot afford to get one. He so deserves this. His mom, Tommie

  7. David Pettway

    love to grill veggies and seafood, that is any food I see

  8. Ernie Macias

    Could use a new tool box

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