Editors’ Picks: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a sweet holiday where, for once, we’re asked to focus on someone special other than ourselves. Most people choose their spouse or significant other as their Valentine, but that’s far from the only choice. We asked our team of editors to get creative and tell us what special person they’re singling out this Valentine’s Day. Here’s what they said.

My Valentine is … my wife.

What can I say? I’m a traditionalist, and a new dad – my wife deserves more than a little love! The Minnetonka Womens Cally Slipper – normally a birthday gift for my wife – is one of this year’s Valentine’s Day surprises. This traditional moccasin design with a whip stitch toe and the wrap-around lace is always in style, and the hot pink suede helps her blend in with all the new pink baby stuff around the house. Our house has wood floors, so the fur-lined inner keeps her feet extra warm while grippy soles offer baby-carrying traction. These slippers’ look, comfort, and performance are such a hit that I’ve received a request to get an additional pair for my mother-in-law. 

– Danny



My Valentine is … my son.

Who could I possibly love more than my little boy? That funny little Valentine deserves something extra special this year as thanks for being such a sweetheart. He’s eager to help us – oh, who am I kidding? – his dad out in the kitchen lately, so I think he’d love a play kitchen scaled down to his size. This KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen is fully equipped with all the standard kitchen appliances, and in this bold shade of red, it’s ideal for Valentine’s Day. He’s already got Dad as a fantastic kitchen role model, and now he’ll have all the right tools to tackle his first entrée. 

– Lisa



My Valentine is … my cat.

Positively playful, my cat, Estrella, loves to make up little games with her toys, zip around the house, hang out in secret hiding places, and of course, nap, nap, nap. That’s why the GleePet 57 in. Cat Tree with Ramp is purrfect for her – it’s got plenty of levels and a ramp for climbing, a homey hiding nook … and a hammock for napping! Plus, it’s made of super-soft plushy material, sure to please any kitty’s pattering paws. This Valentine’s Day, I plan to show my kitty some big love – aside from the several-times-a-day belly rubs and tasty treats – by providing her with a cat tree for hours of fun and play. 

– Julie



My Valentine is … my whole family.

I love to give homemade Valentines to everyone in my family. Baked goods are a perfect choice because the process of creating delicious gifts from the kitchen is always a labor of love. My Valentine gift to all of them this year is the Nordic Ware Mini Heart Baking Pan, so we can enjoy sweet treats from the heart.  With six mini heart cakes, each person gets their own personal Valentine. Red velvet cake with whipped cream frosting will be my recipe for a lovely dessert, finished with a fresh strawberry and a handcrafted card.

– Augusta



My Valentine is … myself.

Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs
Being purged, the fire in lovers’ eyes,
Being vexed, a sea nourished with lovers’ tears.
What is it? A madness most discreet,
A choking gall and a preserving sweet.

– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Yikes. I’m going to stick with looking out for Numero Uno this year, and get cracking on a hobby I’ve been meaning to take up. I’m pretty sure Shakespeare wrote some great stuff about the stars, too, and my Valentine to myself is going to be some alone time with my new telescope. The Celestron Astromaster is the perfect pick for a beginner like me, high on features and low on price and extra complication. I wish you all a Valentine’s Day full of love and iambic pentameter … I’ll be out in a field, alone.

– John


My Valentine is … my Beau.

My Beau is my valentine, and he finally agreed to try yoga with me. We’re going to a Valentine’s-themed class (champagne, chocolate, and strawberries – the works!) on the big day, so I’m getting him the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat to ensure he has the best experience possible. This mat is thick enough to cushion any warrior’s landing and is non-slip for a stable practice. The top-selling point for me is that the mat is sustainably made with zero waste and guaranteed for life, so I know I’m making a solid investment. If he doesn’t dig it, I’ll happily adopt it!

– Chelsea


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