Editors’ Top Picks for Father’s Day Gifts

Dad is the man … and we always want to find him the perfect gift. Here at Hayneedle we have just the thing for him, and our editors offered some perfect picks for Pop you just might agree with.

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My dad is an avid reader and has quite the assortment of books. I can remember him constantly reading new books in record time, and he’s definitely part of the reason I love reading and writing so much myself. He’s old-fashioned and still prefers the look and feel of books to e-books, so his collection continues to grow.

He can always use a little more space for his mini library, so I’m getting him this Sauder Trestle 5-Shelf Bookcase. This book shelf offers great extra space for books and even picture frames and art work, plus it’s so easy to fit in any living room space because it leans against the wall. Spacious shelves can give extra room to any new books he acquires in the next few months.

– Jessica, editor

My dad has been collecting model cars since he was 4 years old. That puts his collection at approximately 5,000 cars … and growing! His expertise about cars is unparalleled, and what I admire about his hobby is that he welcomes any car into his collection – he never met a car he didn’t like! He can rattle off a car’s year, make, and model at a glance, knows when movies use a car from the wrong year, and has an uncanny ability to find the most obscure cars at flea markets and on eBay.

He builds model cars, and car collectors seek him out to fix their broken cars. His attention to detail is incredible – I’ve never seen such fine-haired paint brushes as those he uses for touch ups – and he has the steadiest hands, aptly capable of working with tiny parts, making precise, seamless fixes, and creating the most perfect model cars I’ve ever seen.

Along with his hobby comes a demand for smart storage and organization, and he’s got savviness like no other, which I highly respect … and let’s be honest, envy! To display his collection, he makes his own shelves, orders custom-made shelves, and seeks out any open space. This Father’s Day, I’m going to give my dad the Belham Living Easy-Mount Floating Shelves – Set of 3 – Vanilla. I’m not sure where he’ll find available wall space for them, but I know he’ll manage! These floating shelves are simple and understated, and will provide display space without taking away from the cars. With a little extra space from these shelves, he’ll have a reason to buy even more cars. Happy collecting, Dad!

– Julie, editor

My parents are both longtime oenophiles, always game to try a new wine from any year or region. They’ve collected a few key accoutrements to bolster their wine-tasting hobby – an assortment of stemmed and stemless glasses, a couple of wine coolers, transport bags – but to their credit, they haven’t gotten too precious about it. Which is to say they don’t decant or do a lot of glass swirling and sniffing – they crack open a bottle and sample straight away. My dad has expressed a lot of interest in these kinds of quick aerators, though, which super-speed wine’s breathing process to soften its initial taste. With one of these on hand, my dad can skip the time wine needs to sit and sit instead with my mom, testing out another new perfectly poured vintage.

– Lindsey, editor

My dad is a no-frills kind of guy who likes to keep things simple. Classic comfort is right up his alley and that’s why I’m giving him the Island Bay 13 ft. XL Rope Hammock and Pillow this Father’s Day. It’s available in cotton or polyester – I think I’ll go with polyester for the weather-resistant factor – and it has room for two people (if he feels like sharing). Like a cherry on top, this hammock even comes with a pillow that attaches to the spreader bar. So, thanks for all you do, Dad. Now, go do nothing.

– Lisa, editor

My father-in-law enjoys entertaining family and friends at his new home and desperately needs some sort of heat source for those evenings the temperature decides to drop a few degrees. I’ve decided to surprise him with the Red Ember Aspen Bronze Fire Pit with Grill Grate and FREE Cover since it has a large 32-inch bowl big enough to hold the amount of wood required to heat his large patio. Its new design will nicely complement his existing outdoor décor while the poker tool and mesh spark screen will keep him and guests safe from embers. Not only that, but the free cover will serve as protection from the elements when it’s not in use.

– Danny, editor

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