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Festive 4th of July Table Setting

Setting the table for any occasion makes me happy. I love to keep it simple and festive, especially for the 4th of July. Yes the classic red, white and blue.

One of my favorite go to items is ribbon. I think that ribbon adds an instant festive flare to any table and any occasion. To create an easy ribbon runner, just cut 3 lengths of ribbon to fit down the middle of your table. Space the ribbon evenly down the table to create a runner. Use the same or 3 different coordinating ribbons to customize.

As far as adding flare to your buffet table, start with a colorful tablecloth in red, white or blue. I love rolling napkins around flatware, tying them with a piece of ribbon, and then stacking the roll ups into a basket or a tray. I also love using vintage items to create décor that you don’t see very often. When I was creating easy 4th of July entertaining projects for the Today Show, I found some really cool, vintage, foil tassels. Instead of just hanging them, I cut pieces of them and tied them around my napkins and silverware.

When you have a lot of guests over, people tend to set down their drinks and lose them. I’m always trying to find new, clever ways to identify drinks so this doesn’t happen.  Mix high and low by using pretty glasses and wrapping a simple rubber band around them. Write your guests’ names on the rubber band and they’ll never mistakenly drink someone else’s drink again!

Add flowers in jars down the center of the table. This is a simple way to add a floral element. Don’t forget to light candles and your 4th of July table will sparkle and shine.

I think the attention to your table shows your guests that you care. Decor actually enriches the dining experience 20 fold.

Have a happy 4th and make sure to add extra effort to you décor this year, make it sparkle!

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