Game Day 2014

When the crowds touch down in your living room on February 2nd, you gotta be game-ready. Hosting the gang for a big game can seem daunting – you’ve got all different types of people with different appetites, expectations, and team affiliations. Some of them will care deeply about the game and some will only want to see the commercials. So whether you’re a fan of the Seahwaks, Broncos, or Doritos, our collection of Game Day 2014 essentials is here to help. 

But don’t stress, this is gonna be fun. A successful football watch party really comes down to making a few key plays. Here’s the plan:


People have high snackspectations for a football party. We’re talking chips, dips, chilis, veggies, fried stuff, and probably some obscure specialty that people have come to expect. This isn’t a meal, though – you’ll want to have things serve-ready throughout the entire game. That means big bowls and serving trays for finger foods, slow cookers for hot foods and dips, and plenty of plates and silverware. Put enough out beforehand and you’ll even catch most of the game yourself.


Football and beer are more or less synonymous, so trust that you’ll need a lot of lager. But this isn’t a stadium parking lot, so leave the bottles and cans out of it. Proper glassware makes beer taste better, look better, and clean up easier. Pint glasses, pilsners, and more are the perfect way to take your craft brew to the next level, and many even come with licensed branding from your favorite NFL team. If you’re fully committed, try a full-size or mini kegerator and save space, money, and sobriety simultaneously.


On this team, it’s your job to take care of the rear ends and hind quarters. Without enough seats, it’ll turn into one of those sad parties where people are perched on every chair arm and plopped on every open spot of floor space. It’s Sunday afternoon, everyone’s supposed to be happy! This may be the opportunity to upgrade your couch, add some sweet TV-watching swivel seats or home theater seating, or pick a few floor pillows. Every living room’s different, but there’s always room for more seats.

Table Space

Do you have the space to add a pub table and chairs? You probably should. Get it done before the game and your guests will enjoy a casual sports bar-like atmosphere. If a super-cool permanent addition isn’t feasible, there are plenty of temporary options. Individual TV trays let guests sitting everywhere create their own table space, and high-quality folding tables let you set up, serve food, or sit down just about anywhere.


Whether guests are all about the game or just watching for the commercials, there’s one place in the room where everyone’s going to focus: the TV. If you’re already outfitted with a proper big screen, make sure it’s properly supported. A good console is visually simple, keeping all eyes on the screen, while providing plenty of accessible storage for set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and all the other awesome stuff.

Get your game plan in place, and this year you’ll actually be able to sit down on Sunday. Enjoy!

John, editor

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