Editor Picks: Lovely Gifts For The Ladies

Gifts Under $50:
Sleeping Cat Trinket Box

Sleeping Cat Trinket Box ($29.99)

Purrrfect for that special cat lady in your life, this trinket box sparkles and charms. And best of all, when she flips it open, she’ll find a surprise: a kitty necklace, included! If she ever takes it off, she can keep the necklace, along with other tiny treasures – a lock of fur, perhaps? – safe in the kitty box that naps atop a dresser or nightstand. Mao.

– Leslie, managing editor

Epoca Primula 40-oz. Glass Tea Pot With Green Tea Flowers

Epoca Primula 40-oz. Glass Tea Pot With Green Tea Flowers ($29.99)

If scheduling “you” time falls to the bottom of your to-do list – or falls completely off it – here’s a reason to make it trump all at the top: the Epoca Primula 40-oz. Glass Tea Pot with Green Tea Flowers. This two-in-one teapot not only offers up a soothing cup of tea, but also comes with a gift canister of flowering teas that bloom before your very eyes … right in the pot! Now how serene is that? It’ll be easy to make time for tea with this gem of a teapot, or give it to that dear one in your life who could use a little calm.

– Julie, editor

Gifts $50-$100:
Sterling Industries 126-0011 Tiffany Mini Table Lamp

Sterling Industries 126-0011 Tiffany Mini Table Lamp ($98.00)

I can’t help but feel just a bit glamorous every time I look at a Tiffany lamp, and I think sharing this little lovely as a gift would make a special someone you know glow. With its rich-colored flowers, signature opalescent Tiffany glass, and sweet upside-down-tulip-shape shade, this lamp is pretty much the perfect piece. Give it to your favorite bookworm to read by or to your furniture-less friend who just moved and needs to fill a new space. Brilliant.

– Julie, editor

Hugger Mugger Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion

Hugger Mugger Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion ($49.99)

Sure, she can keep using couch cushions, but a real Zafu buckwheat-filled pillow for meditation really elevates the experience.  This eco-friendly cushion is perfect for raising the sits bones, tipping the hips, and finding bliss. And, depending on your cat’s circumference when sleeping, also serves as a fine pet pillow – although that’s probably breaking an ancient yogic commandment. Nonetheless, make good karma: Send it to her ohm.

– Leslie, managing editor

Gifts Over $100:
Keurig Platinum B70 Single-Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Platinum B70 Single-Cup Coffee Maker ($159.98)

If there’s a loved one on your list who hasn’t yet joined the Keurig “kult,” just think: You can be the one responsible for the transformation. This model is the Cadillac of the Keurig single-cup coffee makers (with a 12-ounce-cup option!), and that means you’ll be in a credit situation for a looong time with your chosen recipient. Such as your mother. Think about it.

– Leslie, managing editor

Dualit 20294 2-Slice Classic Toaster - Red

Dualit 20294 2-Slice Classic Toaster - Red ($239.99)

Everyone needs to splurge now and then (and sometimes in between), so with that in mind, I happily toast the Dualit 20294 2-Slice Classic Toaster – Red. If a toaster doesn’t exactly come to mind with the thought of splurging, I can explain why this Dualit number is an indulgence. First, it’s a sexy shade of candy apple red – a sexy-colored toaster? Yep. – with sleek silver accents that’ll kick start any kitchen. Next, it’s easy to use, but has functions and features that distinguish it from being just any ordinary toaster. Last, it’s Dualit, so it’s got that modly retro British look that somehow enhances your English-muffin-toasting experience. Fancy that!

– Julie, editor

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