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5 Ways to a Griller’s Heart

Are you one of these people who just LOVES to cook outdoors? I am, so I can relate!

With so many Americans having varied and sophisticated culinary tastes, there’s no shortage of ways to prepare your favorite dishes outdoors. Check out my list below and why not try a few you never thought you would indulge in? For me, it was fried turkey. I have to say, once you try it you’ll never be the same! Read on …

Fry Baby, Fry!

Now, I love me some of that fried turkey, but there are outdoor fish fryers, too. Did you know that? So, if you like deep fried turkey you should give deep fried fish a try. For my Southern friends who fry everything from apple pie to pickles, this one’s for you! Who knew?

Up In Smoke

Smoking meat is a Really Big Deal to some people. I mean, this is serious business. There are propane smokers, BBQ smokers, and they come with a massive variety of accessories and flavor enhancers – hickory, apple, mesquite, whatever you like. I have never done this, but this summer I might give it a whirl. I love mesquite BBQ potato chips. Does that count?

Wood Pellet Grilling

Ok, my family is from France and they swear by wood grilling. I’m a gas grill kinda girl but I have to give props where they are due. Wood grilling is delish! Also, these grills allow you to wood smoke, too. Mmm, more mesquite?

Rotisserie Chicken, Anyone?

There’s something about meat rotating on a spigot that just makes me hungry. Gyros, shish kebob, chicken. OMG, I love it. Nowadays, a lot of higher end grills come with a rotisserie option. This is kind of amazing for BBQ lovers like myself! Plus, you can use this all year round for delicious grilled meals. I think it will taste better than the rotisserie chicken at the supermarket, don’t you?

Old School Grilling

I also love charcoal grilling. Seriously, is there any kind of grilling I don’t like? I like charcoal because it reminds me of my first home in Miami. I bought a $100 grill and a bag of charcoal and I had fabulous parties with my friends. No fancy grills and one spatula.Then I had a little mini charcoal grill we would take to the beach and it did the trick just fine, too. I had a lot of wonderful meals and late night laugh fests with people I love around those little charcoal grills.

At the end of the day isn’t that what it’s all about? Now, about that smoker …

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