Happiness in Your Home Editor-in-Chief Anne Reagan offers easy tips for welcoming happiness and wellness into your home. Read on to see what she suggests, and don’t forget to shop her Styleboards.

Tips for Creating the Space You Need

Most of us head home at the end of a busy day seeking comfort, security, and reassurance. After all, an inspiring space at home is like hitting the “reset” button on your brain. But how can we create wellness inside our homes while sticking to a budget and not completely remodeling a room?

Feel Secure

Creating a sense of security in a room may mean different things to different people. It might be a room that lets you close the door for peace and quiet. It might be a room with drapes you can close for restful darkness or one in which you can open the windows for fresh air. It could mean creating smaller spaces within a large room to achieve spaces you love.

For example, if you desire a reading nook within your open living room, try rearranging to add a comfortable chair, ottoman, and reading lamp. Area rugs are a great way to define a space within a room. Multitasking furniture like free-standing bookshelves, ottomans, and nesting tables can also help turn an ordinary space into the protected area you need.

Space to Motivate

Your happiness and well-being are related to your energy and motivation, so create a space that inspires you. Your balcony, for example, may be calling out to your green thumb, motivating you to add a small garden. If you find inspiration in the living room, you might want to add more lighting and organization to that space with lamps and occasional tables.

Get Comfortable

Focusing on soft goods like a fluffy, warm rug, cozy blankets, soft pillows and upholstered items is naturally the easiest way to feel comfortable. The optimal temperature can also help your comfort level, so consider the room temperature and adjust as necessary.

Indoor plants do a lot to improve our sense of well-being, as they help connect us to the natural world. Plants improve the indoor air quality, help with humidity levels, and trigger our sense of smell and sight in a positive way. Also consider silk plants and wall art with a nature theme.

A Sense of Embellishment

Embellishment is about richness, decoration, and ornamentation. It sparks our sense of sight and can help elevate any room from blah to beautiful. Even Zen-like spaces can be improved by way of shiny glass, glowing lights, or glittering metallic to add detail, dimension, and depth.

Choose the accessories that appeal to you and excite your senses. You may want to swap out your cabinet pulls for something more sparkly, or paint a wall in a saturated hue. Small changes can do a lot to add visual interest. Adding a few choice pieces can help you see your space in a new way and help create that sense of well-being – no matter what type of day you’ve had.

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