Happy Birthday, Taurus!

Ruled by Venus, goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, Taureans are very sensual people and enjoy the finest things in life. Entitled they are not, for people under this sign work very diligently towards their goals, and only once they’ve achieved them do they relish the rewards. Symbolized by a bull, they like to work steadily each day, exemplifying their determined and persevering natures. Once this hard work has paid off, Taureans find pleasure in the beauty of their well-decorated home or an art museum.

They will surround themselves with aesthetically-appealing décor and sensual materials, as they tend to be guided by their senses more than any other sign of the zodiac. Green is the color and copper the metal for this sign, so incorporate elements of each to inspire the practical and persistent nature of Taurus in your home. Indulge your senses with the smell of fresh flowers set in an intriguing vase.

Taureans will put a sensual spin on even ordinary endeavors. The simple pleasures of freshly-pressed espresso and fine cheese will bring merit to their daily grind. Finding no need for ugliness, a true Taurus will turn an everyday item into decoration. A stylish set of canisters will attractively store kitchen essentials.

Indulge in rich textiles for both visual and tangible treats. A picturesque fleece blanket, paisley down pillow, and soft, ornate Oriental rug will create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere for when it’s time to unwind.

Chelsea, editor

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