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Here, lifestyle blogger Meg Biram tells us the tale of how she turned a once unloved space in her bedroom into an utterly adorable, uber-stylish reading nook.

Craving a nice, cozy nook for yourself? Check out Meg’s picks on her Styleboard to get the look!

Get the look! Check out Meg's picks and more on her Styleboard.

Get the look! Check out Meg's picks and more on her Styleboard.

In a stroke of good luck, we managed to find an apartment in DC that’s not only updated as far as the kitchen and bathroom go, but has tons of storage (in the form of two walk-in closets and three long closets in the hallway) and a lot of living space. Our bedroom is a long rectangular room, and we have the ideal spot right by the large windows for a cozy reading nook. Prior to creating the nook, this space was just a catch-all for random items we needed to find a home for. Turning this space into a reading nook with proper furniture and decor, while still using the space wisely, really made our space feel more like a home.

This extra space in our bedroom also allowed for us to store some of those unsightly items that are tall and bulky — like our steamer and vacuum. Instead of taking up precious closet space, we conveniently store these items behind a privacy screen.

We mixed up our large collection of books and magazines with a modern aluminum sphere and added a simple white mid-century-style side table to the area. The table is perfect for keeping my coffee close by as well as a candle. I can also retreat here in the evening for peace and quite and read using the light of the floor lamp (Verilux Brookfield Deluxe Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp) that sits behind the chair.

The high-gloss white bookshelf (Tema Denzo Small Bookcase) is perfect for the reading nook because it’s a bit more narrow than most bookshelves. I love the thick frame of the shelf and the fact that it’s an open shelf. It’s also really tall, so we can maximize our vertical space — such a bonus when living in an apartment!

I love to curl up in this new space on a rainy day with my blanket and sip on tea, read a book, or just watch the rain and let my mind wander. And when it comes time for me to get up and go, the ottoman serves as the perfect spot to slip on my shoes on my way out the door!

Omega Chair and Ottoman - Gray

Omega Chair and Ottoman - Gray

– Meg

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  1. Ana

    I lo ve your little space to read! What chair is that? Where can I see it?

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