Mid-Century Trappings

A space, like many things, is much more than the sum of its parts. That’s why the risk of blending two looks can yield a big return.

One part James Bond, and one part Brady Bunch, the Trap Room is a newly opened craft cocktail lounge that blends two distinct styles into one unique environment. Decorated by stylist Elle Lien Lynch, its eclectic mix of mid-century lighting, seating, and lodge décor creates a memorable but relaxed setting for enjoying cocktails and good company.

Elle, an interior decorator and writer, gave us some insight into her style choices for the new hot spot. She also hand-picked key items here at Hayneedle for cultivating a mid-century lodge look of our own.

1. What are your main considerations for decor and style when you start a project?

The client! Their style, their likes and dislikes, how they want to feel in a space, what they want to accomplish, that’s all extremely important. What’s the vibe? That’s the biggest thing to sort out. Especially with retail spaces. You want it all to work together – the interior, the music, the glassware, every last detail.

2. Do you have any sort of design philosophies or advice for adventurous spirits who want to blend two styles?

Layer, layer, layer. Mix it up and avoid matchy, matchy. Dimmers! Put every light on a dimmer. Always. It’s amazing  how something so simple can completely transform the mood and look of a space. But more than anything, have fun with it! Try not to over think things. If you buy things you love, make color selections you love, it’s going to work out.

3. What was your inspiration for blending mid-century modern with rustic lodge style in The Trap Room?

As things got rolling, I started calling the style “Cowboy Don Draper.” Robb and Jason, my clients, wanted a space that was, more than anything, comfortable. A cozy spot you wanted to linger in. But a space with some style. And they gave me one very specific style element to begin with…carpet. With that as the point of inspiration, my thoughts instantly went to mid-century lounges and steakhouses, but I wanted to find a way to make it more personal, more like hanging out in your grandpa’s basement. So we did that with the lodge-like touches –collections of antlers, a smattering of personal effects and mismatched glassware. I love how it turned out.

Get the Look with Elle’s Mid-Century Lodge Mix

Shag carpet! Go for it. We went for it in The Trap Room. And orange, no less. This Flokati rug is really a no risk purchase. It’s actually my go-to rug for any style decor – bohemian, modern, rustic. It adds a lux-ness and texture to a space, but it’s also extremely practical. Made from real wool, they wash easy and last forever.

This chair is like a mid-century modernist work of art. Simply beautiful. And this coffee table is just the natural, rustic touch to toss into the mix to keep things from looking cookie cutter.

The Trap Room is all about the lighting and combining different fixtures with different shapes, colors, materials. These three would have fit right in. (They may have even stolen the show.)

The accessories, or “smalls” as I like to call them, are really where you can add your own personality to the space. Cowboy Don Draper would have loved this horseshoe cocktail tray, the glassware adds a little color and the faux bois planters give the space another rustic touch.


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