Dig This: A Monster Of A Monday

If Monday is a monstrous day, this Monday is especially so.

To commemorate this day in history, Flavorwire is taking a look at 15 book covers that fronted one of the most popular horror stories of all time.

Frankenstein Vintage Poster

Frankenstein through the years.

Mary Shelley was just 19 when she started writing “Frankenstein” and was 21 when it was published on March 11, 1818 – 195 years ago today! The novel’s inspiration is its own famous story: Mary, her soon-to-be-husband and poet Percy Shelley, poet Lord Byron, and writer John Polidori were traveling together through Switzerland’s Geneva region and at the time decided to stage a contest – who could write the best gothic horror story? Mary was the only one to finish.

Inspired in part by scientific and medical practices of the day and the Greek figure Prometheus, who could mold men from clay, Mary created Dr. Victor Frankenstein – who in turn created his unnamed monster (often incorrectly referred to as Frankenstein). Driven by ambition, Frankenstein realizes too late life can’t be created – or discarded – on a whim as those he loves lose their lives at the hands of his creation.

Re-read the classic with our Frankenstein Book Poster, a wall piece that is book and book cover alike. The full text of the novel shadows a scene as haunting as the story itself.

Frankenstein Book Poster - 24W x 36H

Frankenstein Book Poster - 24W x 36H

– Lindsey Anne Baker, guest blogger

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