Must-Have “Mad Men” Style

This week, if you’re anywhere near a water cooler (proverbial or, if your office is anything like mine, actual), checking your social media outlet of choice, or perusing the news and entertainment blogs, chances are good you’re going to hear about that awful shirt Don Draper was wearing on his Hawaiian vacation. (If you haven’t heard yet, you just did.)

Don At The Bar


AMC’s “Mad Men” returned this past Sunday night for its sixth season in a two-hour episode that began in Hawaii and ended, well … where Don tends to end up. This season sees the cast at the tail end of 1967, which means 1968 – with the height of the Vietnam War, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and RFK, protests, Nixon and vast social change – will inevitably color the season. And judging from the first look at the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices (and that terrible Hawaiian shirt), the shifting styles of the late ’60s are going to color this season of “Mad Men,” too. As we head toward the 1970s, things get brighter, louder. Lapels get wider. Sideburns … grow.

Business is as usual, though, and after you get caught up on “Mad Men” gossip you can get to it in late-’60s style with our Mid-Century Modern Red Twill Executive Arm Chair. It’s got all the groove of the new “Mad Men” times – and hopefully none of the drama.

Mid-Century Modern Red Twill Executive Arm Chair

Mid-Century Modern Red Twill Executive Arm Chair

– Lindsey Anne Baker, guest blogger

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