Haute Home Office Updates

When the New Year approached, I began the process of spring cleaning my house. With that came major organization which then led to a total overhaul of my office. I’m constantly trying to figure out positive solutions to make my office a space that’s practical enough to get day-to-day projects done and beautiful enough that I don’t want to leave. I think I’m on the right track with my new office, thanks to

Bookcase With Meaningful Decor

Meaningful decor creates an inviting environment and keeps you upbeat about work.

An important detail to any office is storage space. For my own personal office, I’ve been on the lookout for practical storage as well as attractive storage. I love mixing woods so when I found the Column Bookcase in walnut, I knew I’d hit the jackpot! It’s perfectly modern and displays my favorite things brilliantly. It’s a great size for a small space yet grand enough to make a statement. I have a million magazines so I displayed my favorites as well as objects I’ve collected over the years. I love it.

Super Serene Desktop

Create a divine desktop and see your productivity soar!

Because my desk has no storage whatsoever, I needed a stylish filing cabinet that didn’t look too industrial and would fit within the style of my office. The Nexera 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet has the perfect amount of storage for all of my documents and desk items. It fits nicely behind my desk and looks sleeker than a typical metal cabinet. My printer also sits perfectly on the top and is in reach when I’m in need. I also can use the drawers of the cabinet to store my printer items, including paper.

Stylish Filing Cabinet

Stash and store supplies and folders in a stylish filing cabinet.

If you want to add character to your filing cabinet area, try hanging a piece of art directly above. I had a piece of wallpaper that I love but haven’t wanted to commit to an entire wall so I framed the piece using a green washi tape. It adds a little extra to the space.

Stowaway Storage

Get organized with stowaway storage.

One detail that not alot of people will see in my office but has made the biggest difference for me is this 12-Drawer Mobile Organizer. Oh my goodness, I’m in love! I have too many small knick-knack items that have been in boxes. Now I can store them in a sleek, portable piece. I love how I can roll the whole organizer out to my desk and then roll it back in the closet and shut the doors. This is the ultimate piece for small spaces! Another great feature is that it’s super easy to put together. Gotta love that!

Fresh Flowers Do Wonders

Fresh cut flowers bring a refreshing pop of color to any office setting.

I’m a big fan of adding fresh flowers to my office space. It adds color and life which can be important for a small space with limited lighting. I also always have a candle handy to create a yummy scent for those long work days. It’s the little things that can make a big statement!

– Kirsten Grove, Simply Grove

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