Fall Transition: Outdoor Pieces to Bring Indoors


It’s always exciting when a new season is in the air. Transitioning from summer to fall means changing up your wardrobe and your home accents — but switching your decor doesn’t mean replacing everything.You can re-purpose your outdoor pieces and bring them inside for versatility and adding an unexpected element to your ambiance. Anne Reagan, editor-in-chief of, has some great tips and suggested pieces for switching things up for cooler weather that save you time and money. 

Check out Anne’s Styleboard to see all of the indoor-outdoor-friendly pieces she chose! 


There are so many furniture and decorative items that work perfectly both outdoors and inside. When the days grow shorter and the nighttime is just a bit cooler, we start to shift our activities from outside to indoors. Invest in quality pieces that make the progression from summer to fall that much easier. Take a look at some fabulous pieces that transition from your outdoor living space to your indoor living room, and back again next summer.

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs have come a long way. You can find a whole host of designs, colors and patterns. You can even find softer, more luxurious options that could be easily mistaken for an indoor rug. When used outside, a rug can instantly pull together and anchor your lounge pieces; this is especially important if you have a large patio, deck or porch that needs focus. When summer starts to fade, try placing that rug in you entryway, kitchen or under the family dining table. You’ll find that the durability of an outdoor rug is perfect for the high traffic you have indoors too.


Lanterns & Lighting

Lanterns, hurricanes and candleholders have always looked fabulous outdoors, especially when the summer sun starts to set and you need the twinkle of candles. But when you start to spend more time inside, your hurricanes and lanterns can easily be used on the coffee table, hearth, or kitchen counter. Make sure you purchase items that can easily be wiped down; chances are dust, pollen and dirt have made these pieces look cloudy. To prevent melted candle wax from ruining the inside, line the bottom with aluminum foil to catch drips or try using flameless wax candles for a no-mess solution.


Wicker Furniture

Believe it or not, some furniture works wonderfully both inside and out. Classic wicker side chairs are perfect on the porch as well as in the kitchen; a metal accent table looks great on the balcony and the living room. The key is to look for pieces that fit both your outdoor and indoor décor. You’ll keep those pieces looking great inside if you take the time to keep them clean during the summer. Always cover your furniture if you’re expecting rain and clean up spills as soon as they happen. The more you take care of your furniture when it’s outside, the better it will look inside during the fall and winter.


Cozy Accents

Colorful throw pillows and warm, fuzzy blankets are a natural fit for cool nights outdoors and warm nights inside. Pillows made from an outdoor fabric tend to look better over time when sitting in the hot sun, but this material works really well indoors too.  Using related colors in your indoor space and outdoor space help make that transition more natural. When summer is done, simply wipe off your fabrics (always read the manufacture’s recommendations before cleaning) and bring them inside.

— Anne Reagan,

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