S’more Ways to Party Around a Fire Pit

It’s our opinion that you can never have enough entertaining tips up your sleeve … or alternate s’mores recipes! Here, Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry provides us with some priceless, kid-friendly party tips for celebrating summer outside with friends, family, games, and of course, a seasonal staple – the fire pit.

Creating summer memories, roasting s’mores around a fire pit, and staying up way too late while the adults chat away is something of a childhood right in my book. Having a space that’s comfy for the grown-ups to sit and fun for the kids to play around can be easy to manage with a couple simple tips.

1. Have a few different kinds of seats.

I’ve learned from past experience that different folks like different seats. You have the moms of toddlers who need to jump up every other second, the grandparents who want to sit back and relax, and a bunch of us in the middle who are happy to lounge with a pretty drink in hand. To create our perfect s’more fire pit, I included a lounge-y Adirondack chair that you just sink into and never want to get up from, a set of vintage-inspired gliders to sit up in to chat, and a loveseat in which to spread out and relax.

I’ve learned having a lot of seating options makes everyone feel comfortable and cozy for a long evening by the fire.

2. Have a fire pit that’s just the right size.

We chose the La Hacienda Globe Enameled 22-in. Round Wood Burning Fire Pit for our gathering place. I love that it comes with a free grill insert so you could use it to cook hot dogs and then s’mores later on. It’s a great size for a small fire – I never want to make them too big when kids are around – and it has a pretty dome shape to it so it always looks nice out on the deck.

3. Serve a unique treat.

I’m a big fan of s’mores done in new and fresh ways. This summer is going to be the year of cookie s’mores for me! The added sweetness of using cookies to serve the s’mores, along with the richness of dark chocolate, creates a treat that all of our summer guests will love. The dome on the fireplace lets the kids roast their marshmallows while staying nice and safe.

4. Have a game to play.

We’ve learned that in order to keep a party going, it’s always good to have a game outside. Corn hole is the obvious choice in my neck of the woods. I picked up a set that’s easy to store and simple to set up – it Velcros together and has a storage space for all of the beanbags. This way, we can go from dinner to fire pit party quickly.

5. Tie it together with an outdoor rug & accessories.

Pulling pieces together that don’t exactly match is something I do quite often. I love the combination of vintage-inspired items paired with more mountain-inspired woods-y textures. A great way to make sure everything goes together perfectly is to ground it all with a rug. Our striped outdoor rug is a pretty way to set the stage for many summer nights outside. Enjoy!

—Victoria Hudgins, A Subtle Revelry

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