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Picnic Basket Perfection

Packing a picnic basket evokes visions of running down the beach, a summer concert in the park, hiking in the woods.

Needless to say, I love, love, love packing a picnic basket. I even have a collection of vintage picnic baskets. I can’t stop buying them, and I’m obsessed with vintage coolers as well. Sometimes just the site of a gorgeous basket in a flea market is enough to spur me on to arrange a picnic lunch for my hubby and me – or a group of friends.

You only need a few basics, including food, as far as supplies go.

Here is my list of picnic basket basics:
  1. Vintage picnic basket or cooler (for no other reason than it just looks cool)
  2. Cloth napkins (no need to use paper; just wash and reuse)
  3. Tablecloth or vintage quilt or blanket
  4. Plastic wine glasses (*note stemless glasses pack better)
  5. Wooden or bamboo plates, large and small
  6. Real flatware
  7. Small cutting board
  8. Small knife with cover
  9. Corkscrew
  10. Tea candles, votives, and matches or lighter
  11. Plastic trays
  12. Cheese knives/spreaders
Cheese & meat plate

Cheese & meat plate

Food Items:
  1. Selection of cheeses. I like two hard (a parmesan or Spanish manchego), goat cheese, and a soft French cheese like brie.
  2. Fruit such as sliced apples with lemon juice, grapes (red and green)
  3. Olives
  4. French baguette or crunchy flat breads
  5. Salami sliced and/or Parma ham
  6. Chilled bottle of white wine
  7. Sparkling water
  8. French macaroons

There are few things better than enjoying the outdoors, nibbling treats, sipping wine, and chatting with friends or a loved one. It’s romantic and fun. I love hiking to a beautiful view with my love, then cracking open our stash from a vintage basket or cooler. It’s simple, affordable, and rejuvenating.


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  1. Katelyn

    My family and i just moved back to the coast and i want to start a weekly dinner picnic on the beach and your post has encouraged me to go through with the idea! Do you keep the cheese or salami cool or are they fine going in the basket? I am now officially on the lookout for a beautiful picnic basket, thank you!

  2. Angela

    I don’t usually involve myself in these comment things but in this case I must. Oh picnics, is there a better way to spend an afternoon? I don’t think so. I evn do picnics in winter. Gloves, toque, hot soup, nice crusty bread with delicious cheese and something chocolaty for desser, oh what a life.

    Cheese is perfect at room temperature as for cold cuts I would keep those cool. An ice pack wrapped in foild would do nicely.

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