A Romantic Bedroom Retreat

Build your dream bedroom around feminine, romantic pieces in shades of mauve, soft plum, and pink with crisp white bedding.’s Anne Reagan shares her finished look as well as tips for creating the perfect bedroom. 



Bedframe Basics

A stylish bed frame can help make your bed look more pulled together, even on the mornings when you’re too rushed to make your bed. The headboard should ideally protect your walls from your body and your bed linens rubbing against them. Some fabric dyes can actually leave marks on light colored paint. So select a headboard that will give you comfort and be upholstered in a material that is durable and easy to wipe clean if necessary. Choose a style that is timeless, suits your personality, and uses quality materials that will last a lifetime.




Decorating the Bedroom

Nightstands are a must when it comes to decorating the bedroom. If you don’t like the look or style of a nightstand try a narrow desk or small table. Ideally you’ll find a flat surface that can hold all you need by your bed: lamp, water glass, books or whatever else you need, and the height of this surface should be a bit taller than the mattress



Another great addition to the bedroom is a comfortable chair. If your bedroom is large enough you may find it to be the perfect spot to enjoy reading or relaxing without having to actually sit in your bed.


Bed Making Tips

Start with high-quality sheets and bed linens. Choose a thread count that suits your budget and purchase at least two sets: one to have on the bed and one to wash. Washing your sheets often is a great way to keep dust mites at bay and make your night-time sleep more relaxing. Duvets can be a real time-saver when making your bed as it usually replaces the need for a top sheet or extra blankets.


Styling Your Pillows

Curious if your bed needs more pillows, or less? One stylist trick is to have an odd number of pillows on the bed, and professional use between seven and nine pillows for the most comfortable effect. For a queen or king sized bed you might want two Euro-sized pillows, two king-sized pillows, two standard pillows and one small bolster (or a couple of accent pillows. Different sizes and shapes lend a nice graduation of heights and it’s a fun way to introduce colors or patterns that coordinate with your bedding.


— Anne Reagan, Editor-in-Chief,


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