Show & Tell With Sara Moulton

To say that Sara Moulton is just a celebrity chef would be a serious understatement. She is THE celebrity chef cooking up plenty of buzz and setting the bar in the food biz.

The Power Of The Perfect Pan

Recently Sara visited to talk about life, her love of cooking, and a few of her favorite kitchen essentials. What we came away with, other than a few awesome recipes (coming soon!), was a solid understanding of her healthy obsession with Chantal Copper Fusion pans, available at

Sara regularly uses her set of Chantal Copper Fusion pans at home and swears they have the power to change your life or, at the very least, the way you cook. Check out what Sara had to say about these fantastic pans:

YouTube Preview Image

Check back soon to hear more from Sara and score a few simple, yummy recipes – demoed by Sara herself! In the meantime, you can prep for some serious cooking by reading ahead: check out her most recent cookbook, Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners, wherein Sara tackles eating well on a limited budget in a fast-paced world. And, really, who couldn’t use a little help in that area? 

-Kelly, editor

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