Backyard Beach Transformation

An outdoor oasis in the Midwest? Yes, it’s possible! Blogger Sarah Stewart transforms her backyard into the ultimate stay-cation destination with outdoor faves from

We’ve completely transformed our backyard from nothing but grass to an oasis in the Midwest. Traveling vacations may now be optional, and backyard stay-cations will be a must going forward! But you don’t need to completely overhaul your own outdoor space to have the perfect stay-cation.


Tune out the outside world

Turn off your cell phone and set emails aside. Take time to enjoy your own backyard, read a book, relax and unwind. By creating a cozy nook to simply relax, you’ll feel like you’re truly on vacation. Curl up in a comfy chaise lounge with your favorite drink and enjoy getting lost in another world. This rolling patio cooler allows for more relaxation, and less time running back in the house for refreshments!


Indulge in resort-like luxuries

Comfy chaise lounge chairs, plush towels, striped patio umbrellas, colorful throw pillows, and bright flowers and palms help add an ambiance that makes even the simplest of spaces feel a bit more exotic. Finish it off with the addition of some beach-like whimsy in the form of this sculptural clam shell filled with beach glass.


Host a dinner party, but keep it simple

During the summer months, meals don’t need to be heavy or elaborate. Plan a simple menu. The Belham Living Ashera All Weather Wicker Patio Dining Set is the perfect size for hosting, and with the addition of some Edison Vintage String Lights, a simple meal feels magical.


Make time for face-to-face conversations

Don’t spend hours behind your digital screens, but rather, spend time having real conversations. Carve out a conversational area in your outdoor space, like we did using the Belham Living Pavani Wicker Chat Set. The Coral Coast Striped Umbrella casts the perfect amount of shade to allow for more enjoyable hours in the hot summer sun.


Enjoy an evening under the stars (or string lights)!

Light a fire, roast some s’mores, and curl up under a blanket! If you don’t have a fire pit, there are many other alternatives to create a similar, whimsical vibe. Add some string lights, light a few candles or add this gorgeous lantern set to your patio. The warm glow from any of this additions makes any evening feel more special!

Most importantly, enjoy your time away from the real world and relax during your stay-cation at home!

— Sarah Stewart, Life on Virginia Street

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