Let There Be White: Scandinavian Design & Decor

Though you might not live where winter days are as long and dark as they are in Sweden, light is welcome in just about any home, anywhere. Thus the popularity of Scandinavian design – clean, minimalist, natural, and with variations on a light/white color palette. And it’s easier than you think to let there be light – and white – in your own home decor. See more picks on our Styleboard.

From its beginnings in the 1930s within the modernist movement of simplicity and functional form, Scandinavian designers took a particular interest in people’s daily lives, focusing on unencumbered, unified, joyful living. Sounds lovely, yes? But what does that look like in a home? Here are a few elements to keep in mind should you wish to infuse this soothing style:

  • Large windows sans drapes or with light, wispy curtains at most

  • Layers of fluffy down or down-alternative comforters, wool throws, and textured pillows

  • Blond or whitewashed wood floors and furniture

  • A canvas of white walls, allowing you to showcase art, textiles, plants, and natural, organic themes, but always with a minimalist overall look

  • Beiges, grays, and black to complement one another in this neutral palette
  • Earthy colors and textures provide contrast to a snowy foundation

Whether you fancy a full-on Scandinavian home or want to add a few touches, move toward the light and you’ll get this style right.

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