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Super Simple Garden Bouquet

Fresh flowers really do make a well-kept home that much lovelier. When it’s warm outside, I like to bring the outdoors inside by creating bouquets from my backyard.

You don’t have to have fancy vases to make a really beautiful floral arrangement. Think outside the box and look around your house for things that can hold water and a few flowers and leaves. If you have jelly jars or old condiment jars, you can use a collection of those to make a serious impact.

Gather a group of jars on a cool tray for a grander effect. Now you’re ready to go outside and put together an arrangement! Use pruners to clip small branches, cool leaves, and blooming flowers. Do not try to use your standard kitchen scissors! Use garden scissors or some garden clippers – I keep a pair in my kitchen drawer. You’d be surprised how handy they are in the kitchen.

When cutting branches, leaves, and flowers, always remember to cut BIG. You want to make a statement and it will be easier to arrange if you have a little more length on the stem. You can always cut more off, if needed. Trim the ends at a slant. First, place the largest cuttings and branches in the collection of jars. Then, go through and fill in the jars with interesting cuttings of leaves and flowers.

Nothing could be more affordable than cutting from the garden. If you don’t have blooming flowers in your garden, buy an inexpensive bouquet of roses from the grocery store and add them in for color impact. This is an easy and beautiful way to add beauty to your table.

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