Set The Table To Traditional

Theme On

It all starts with a theme. Inspiration for a theme can come from anywhere – just take a peek around and see what catches your eye. For our traditional table,‘s stylist, Val, was inspired by a pretty holly pattern on a dishware set.

The Spread

Val picked up on the gilded metallic edging of the dishware and aptly chose a subtly patterned gold tablecloth to complement the settings. As an added bonus, the pattern play of the dishware/tablecloth pairing is right on trend with what’s currently in vogue.

Finished tablescape

A thing of beauty.

Front & Center

Consider something more organic as a centerpiece to counter the hard lines of the glassware and serveware. On our tablescape, a faux branch laden with lush leaves was used to balance the décor and bring a serene sensibility to the table.

Add it Up

We used water glasses as petite vases to house clear faceted beads – which were also scattered about on the table – and the result was a sparkling touch of glam. White glittered candles were spaced evenly throughout. As the cherry on top of this beautiful table, sprigs of (faux) leaves were placed in the empty water glasses for a natural finishing touch.

Keep in Mind:
  • Have fun and don’t overthink. It’s the holidays, after all; it’s a time for joy and cheer
  • Open yourself up to new approaches to everyday items. Glasses, votives, and hurricanes can become holders for small flourishes
  • Flowers, leaves, acorns, twigs, and the like are all staples of the season and can be used however/wherever you see fit
  • Pieces that are used for the table can easily be incorporated into your home décor when your holiday feast has finished
  • Keeping things simple – choosing a theme, 2 patterns to play with, and roughly 3 colors to coordinate – is usually your best bet
  • Find more inspiration throughout our blog and, chock-full of great ideas for the holidays and much more

-Kelly, editor

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