(Tiny) Table Talk

Kids ‘N’ Play

If you’ve spent time with kids, you know that play is one of the best ways they learn to function and become vital members of the world around them. They practice talking, communicating, and negotiating through play. It also gives them the opportunity to try on personalities, professions, and roles. When I look at this sweet little KidKraft table-and-chair set, the practice of being human comes to mind.

Gather ‘Round

I remember sitting at my version of this as a kid (a green card table) and interviewing neighborhood kids, practicing my numbers with my auntie, and learning to draw with my dad. This type of table is the center of so much living, learning, and doing. I don’t want to get too poetic on you, but the table has always been one of the simplest, most persistent metaphors for togetherness.

Quality Time

I love KidKraft for their tasteful, well-made products. Generally KidKraft tables are constructed of wood that’s beautifully and smartly finished in lovely colors and non-toxic paint. You’ll love it for these reasons and your kids will love it, too. It will serve as their own little patch of the universe that they can share with the ones they love.

Kidkraft Nantucket Big 'N' Bright Table And Chair Set

Here's to the tiny table - a great place to learn & play!

– Rebecca Hansen, guest blogger and lifestyle writer

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