The Wingback’s Back – And Better Than Ever!

When I was a kid, my parents had an awesome wingback chair. It was decked out in bold brown, rust, and tan floral-print upholstery and had rust-colored velvet piping. It was an amazing piece. I loved being able to rest my head on one of the wings and read or nap. It was so comfy, and looking back, surprisingly stylish. Props to my mom and dad – little did they know that years later I would fondly remember said chair and go on to write about wingbacks as a result.

Wingbacks have a simple history. They were born from the need for a shield from drafts and as a way to trap heat from the fireplace, in front of which they were commonly placed. In short, the wings are there so you stay nice and snug. These days, however, the wings are more of a fancy-pants addition, giving ordinary chairs something to aspire to.

With so many different styles of wingbacks to choose from, there’s one to fit every taste. From modern to patterned and traditional, these chairs all have one thing in common: They all have their wings – big or small, curved or straight – waiting to comfort you with their cozy embrace.

Picture yourself settled into a traditional wingback with a good book, safe and warm, in front of the fireplace on a chilly winter day. Or envision a few poppy, patterned wingbacks bringing a bit of fun, form, and function to the family room. Some of the styles shown here would also work as delightful dining chairs!

– Kelly, editor

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