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Cook with an American Legend.

From top chefs to home cooks, people with a passion for cooking rely on All-Clad to bring out the best in their food. Trusted by generations, All-Clad cookware is expertly handcrafted in the USA using quality American-made steel. It's the cookware to count on for frying, braising, sauteing, and more.

Different Collections for Different Cooks

All-Clad offers several cookware collections to suit kitchen connoisseurs everywhere. These include Copper Core, Stainless Steel, Master Chef 2, and the d5 Brushed collection. Features vary depending on the collection, but may include ergonomic handles to ensure comfort, shaped rims to allow for dripless pouring, and stick-resistant surfaces for easy cleanup.

All-Clad Cookware - Simply the Best

Founded in 1971 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, All-Clad Metalcrafters produces the world's finest cookware in its Southwestern Pennsylvania rolling mill, using the same revolutionary processes that they introduced forty years ago. Today, All-Clad is the only bonded cookware that's handcrafted by American craftsmen using American-made metals. Originally founded to meet the highest standards of professional chefs, All-Clad has become the premier choice of cookware enthusiasts of all experience levels, from world-class chefs to passionate home cooks in everyday American kitchens.

The unsurpassed quality and performance of All-Clad cookware is derived from its innovative roll bonding process, which uses a proprietary recipe of metals. Cladding is applied not just to the bottom, but also up the sides of each All-Clad cooking vessel, providing outstanding heat distribution and reliable cooking results. All-Clad cookware is hand-inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process and is famous for the uncompromising quality that's evident in every detail, from its impeccable balance in your hand to its meticulous hand-finishing.

A Recipe of Metals for a Lifetime of Use

Founded in 1971 in Canonsburg, Penn., All-Clad produces handcrafted cookware that lasts a lifetime. Its pots, pans, and other pieces feature an innovative bonded (clad) construction with a proprietary recipe of metals. Cladding is applied to the bottom and sides of each cooking vessel for fast, even heating and consistent results. It's the best performing cookware you can own.

Stock Your Kitchen with the Best

If you love to cook, you'll love All-Clad. Its cookware combines bonded construction with convenient features for the finest handcrafted pots, pans, and other pieces. All-Clad cookware looks brand new even when used every day. Stick-resistant and safe for your dishwasher, oven, and broiler, All-Clad is ideal for all cooktops, including gas, electric, induction, and ceramic.

Professional Equipment for Delicious Results

A mouthwatering meal depends not only on fresh, quality ingredients, but on top-quality cookware. That's why leading chefs and cooking enthusiasts worldwide depend on All-Clad cookware. From Dutch ovens and grill pans to stock pots and saute pans, All-Clad has all the right equipment you need to whip up better breakfasts, lip-smacking lunches, and delectable dinners.

More Than Pots and Pans

Fluffy golden-brown pancakes need a good griddle. Your favorite herbal tea needs a kettle. Soups and stews need a slow cooker to develop rich flavors, and cake batters and garden salads need a mixing bowl to bring all the ingredients together. All-Clad makes these quality items and more as part of their product line of accessories, electrics, and specialty cookware.