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One of the most recognized names in cookware and kitchen products, Cuisinart first became popular when introduced to the public by culinary experts Julia Child and James Beard. In 1973, the Cuisinart food processor revolutionized the way we create fine food and healthy dishes, and since that time Cuisinart has continued its path of innovation. Under management by the Conair Corporation since 1989, Cuisinart is a universally celebrated name in kitchens across the globe. With a full-service product line including bakeware, blenders, coffeemakers, cookware, countertop appliances, kitchen tools, and much, much more, Cuisinart products are preferred by chefs and loved by consumers for durability, ease of use, superior quality, and style.

Complete Your Kitchen with Cuisinart.

Nobody covers the kitchen like Cuisinart. From its revolutionary food processor to its cookware and specialty appliances, Cuisinart has turned the art of great cooking into an American lifestyle. For professional and home chefs alike, it's one of the most trusted, top-rated brands in cooking.

The Art and Innovation of Cuisine

Few brands can match Cuisinart's history of design innovation, a legacy that has led to culinary education collaborations with some of the world's foremost chefs. The unveiling of the Julia Child- and James Beard-approved Cuisinart food processor in 1973 was just the beginning. Today, Cuisinart food processors remain the best in the business, providing unmatched food prep versatility and superior quality backed by a 10-year manufacturer's motor warranty.

In recent years, Cuisinart has been in the vanguard of culinary environmental awareness, receiving a prestigious design award for the eco-friendly construction of its GreenGourmet? cookware line.

The Cuisinart Comforts of Home

When people say "all the comforts of home," that includes Cuisinart. Innovative culinary tools are Cuisinart's signature, and they've been signing a lot of appliances. Browse the Cuisinart selection at, and one question will soon come to mind: is there anything Cuisinart doesn't do? With juicers, toasters, pots and pans, bakeware, stand mixers, wine cellars, ice cream makers, and more, Cuisinart covers your day from morning coffee to midnight snack.

A Little Something Special

Every kitchen has the basics. What makes a Cuisinart kitchen special is its specialty appliances. Homemade bread, healthy rotisserie, frozen yogurt, paninis, and Belgian waffles are just some of the delicious treats that can be made with the expert aid of Cuisinart. Did we forget to mention theater-style popcorn makers?

Savor the Good Life and Great Deals

Cuisinart's mission is to help you savor the good life, providing quick and easy ways to enjoy fine food and healthy dishes. The best place to savor great deals on Cuisinart products - from cookware and cutlery to mixers and meat grinders - is right here at