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Flow Wall

Flow Wall Flow Wall

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Put your workshop on the wall! We often hesitate to wall-mount equipment storage, because it's just so permanent. The innovative Flow Wall system changes all that, providing a simple system where shelves, hooks, cabinets, bins, and more simply switch places at will. By placing a custom-shaped Flow Wall where there was none, you've opened up a world of possibilities without locking yourself into one design. Perfect for the laundry room, rec room, garage, workshop, class room, craft area, and so much more, Flow Wall is the answer when your back's up against a wall.

Flow Wall

Innovative and indispensible, Flow Wall products offer modern storage solutions for the modern home. These inventive designs were made to help ease your day-to-day experience. They're built to eliminate clutter, organize your space, and alleviate the all-too-common stress that occurs when you can't find the tool you need when you need it.

Flow Wall is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Voted Best of Houzz 2013 in the Garage and Shed categories, Flow Wall prides itself on an ability to fit seamlessly into any space. Their personalization system begins with planning. You take stock of your space with Flow Wall's helpful planning guide, then determine which storage elements will best suit your needs. After that, hang the signature Flow Wall panels you've chosen using their color matched drywall screws. From there you choose from Flow Wall's selection of wall storage accessories. These are modular pieces that securely click into and out of place with ease, making it a snap to reconfigure or expand your storage capacity as necessary

The Flow Wall system is ideal for garages, laundry rooms, and toolsheds ? anywhere that requires abundant and robust storage. It consists of elements constructed for heavy-duty use. The wall panels are built using cellulous PVC material that's stronger than typical MDF backing panel. This provides an optimum foundation to uphold hefty pieces of equipment like power tools and sporting supplies.

To achieve the best results from your Flow Wall storage system, mix n' match your components. Flow Wall offers a series of storage bins, cabinetry, ample work surfaces, and more. Most of these elements feature a tough build of PVC laminate over lightweight pressboard construction. This considered design allows for easy arrangement and rearrangement, and is strong enough to handle whatever you have in store for it.