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Founded in 1925, Le Creuset is the first - and still the finest - manufacturer of enameled cast iron cookware. Famed for its vibrant color and superior cooking performance, Le Creuset brings original French style to contemporary kitchens. For tea, dessert or tagine, this is the color of classic cuisine. Learn More

A World of Difference

Cook with Le Creuset, and you'll see a world of difference in style, design, and performance. You'll also encounter a world of internationally inspired cookware, including unique pieces such as the Moroccan tagine, the perfect dish for slow-simmering North African stews. The voyage begins at, your home for great prices on Le Creuset cookware.

Though best known for its vibrantly colored cookware and original inventions such as the Dutch oven, Le Creuset has also forged a name as a creator of stoneware mugs and enamel-coated stainless steel teakettles. The style and performance of Le Creuset's Cafe Collection and tea accessories are rooted in classic French cookware: bold colors, cylindrical loop handles, unmatched thermal resistance and heat distribution, and of course the iconic Le Creuset three-ring accent. Through its consistent qualities of authenticity, originality, and innovation, Le Creuset maintains a connection to both heritage and modernity.

Le Creuset

From its cast iron cookware to its teakettles and mugs, Le Creuset is a global standard of inimitable color and quality. Founded in 1925 in the northern French town of Fresnoy-Le-Grand, Le Creuset still produces enameled cast iron in its original foundry. Its signature color, Flame, was modeled after the intense orange hue of molten cast iron within a cauldron (or creuset in French), and has been a Le Creuset bestseller from the company's first year to the present day.

Le Creuset is a Lifetime

The kitchen is a testing ground of true quality, a crucible of craftsmanship. Which is why Le Creuset - French for cauldron - is known throughout the world as cookware that can, to coin a phrase, take the heat. Though the name was chosen as a reference to the fiery orange hue of molten cast iron (and Le Creuset's signature enamel color, Flame), it could apply just as well to the kitchen-proven quality of Le Creuset's traditional craftsmanship.

Founded in 1925, Le Creuset still manufactures its cast iron cookware in its original foundry in Fresnoy-Le-Grand, France. There, the flawless perfection of each piece is assured by the hands of 15 skilled artisans. It's this commitment to quality that gives each piece of Le Creuset cookware as distinctive a stamp as the porcelain enamel glaze that coats it. Le Creuset's lifetime limited warranty guarantees that its cookware is free from defects in material and workmanship.

A Tradition of Innovation

The legacy of Le Creuset is one of originality and innovation. In 1925, it was the first company to improve the versatility of traditional cast iron cookware by coating it in a porcelain enamel glaze. Today, Le Creuset's unique mix of heritage and modernity is giving new life to home kitchens. Examples abound at, including beautifully designed and impeccably manufactured stoneware, dinnerware, stockpots, terrine dishes, tea kettles, and more.

Le Creuset has also complemented its cast iron collections with hard anodized and stainless steel cookware that acknowledges and exceeds the style and performance requirements of modern kitchens. Our selection includes Le Creuset stainless steel cookware sets and nonstick pans for premium-quality, everyday performance.