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Like the Original Red Wagon that lent the company its name, Radio Flyer has become an American classic. From humble beginnings, Radio Flyer has been rediscovered with each new generation - creating a legacy of toys that continue to spark the imagination.

For over 90 years, millions of children have played with Radio Flyer wagons, launching countless voyages of imagination. Their beauty, simplicity, and standards of safety encourage adventure, discovery, and the wonders of childhood. As the new millennium gains momentum, Radio Flyer is still in the driver's seat - creating tomorrow's innovative products with the same classic quality and sheer sense of play that have been their trademarks from the beginning.

Radio Flyer wagons are truly icons of Americana. Learn More

An American Icon

There are very few names that are synonymous with the fun and adventure of being a child, and the feeling you get when you hear the name Radio Flyer is exactly what this company has been all about since their founding 1917. Here's to the next 100 years of keeping childhood memories rolling along.

It Couldn't Be More American

When Anthony Pasin came to America looking for a better life, did he know that he'd find it by improving the lives of children for the next century? From a rented, one-room workshop in Chicago, Pasin began producing the Liberty Wagon, an all-wood predecessor to the Radio Flyer. Pasin's story is truly an example of the American dream, and in the 1930's, this story produced an American icon when he founded Radio Steel and produced the first Radio Flyer, the red wagon that's been a part of our cultural landscape for as long as any of us can remember.

Some Things Never Change

Radio Flyer still produces that red, four-wheeled classic along with a full line of scooters, tricycles and ride-ons. Some designs are decidedly modern, and some designs still retain that classically simple style that made Radio Flyer a household name. The emphasis is still on fun, so even as modern safety features and state-of-the-art production techniques are used to create bikes for tykes or SUVs for those under three, the end goal is always wagon-load of smiles. You don't end up in the Toy Hall of Fame without doing something right, and today Radio Flyer is pulling out all the stops with riding toys for kids of all ages.

Giving Their Childhood Wheels

Like us, we're sure that you have at least one Radio Flyer story from your childhood, and Radio Flyer is doing everything right to make sure that when your kids grow up , they have a story of their own, too. Today, Radio Flyer operates from their home base in Illinois, but provides their products to markets around the world while being regularly recognized for excellence in their products as well as receiving regular high marks for the quality of the corporate culture and work life.